Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update – Evil bhandasoor is playing tricks with his evil powers.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh asking permission with mata parashakti that I should be near you in this strong war so that bhandasoor will also know that he will not be successful in his evil plans.

Bhandasoor says that I will meditate for ganeshji in such a way that he will also be surprised so guru, mohini & his sons are stunned by his this statement.

His son is saying bhandasoor has created one more evil from his mental powers. Bhandasoor is saying that I will use such a plan that at one side I will keep meditating ganeshji while other hand devi mata’s attacks will sustain & in any war this keeps happening, he says & all his sons are happy.

Devi mata is giving huge sound of signal while ganesh is saying that this signal is for bhandasoor to realize.

Mata lalita is giving green signal to her devi’s &the rath’s start moving as kartik says this sound of rath will surprise bhandsoor. Laxmi mata is telling Vishnu that if any problems arise in between the path of mata parashakti mata lalita’s raths’s then they will also get destroyed. Brahmadev is also telling saraswati mata that the rath’s of mata parashakti are moving to end evil bhandasoor. Mata lalita is moving with full powers.

Bhandasoor’s army is also getting ready. Bhandasoors’ son is saying that women powers can also can’t face our powers. Bhandasoor is thinking that now I will plan such a way that all devi’s will get surprised so he throws his powers towards the tree while all devi mata’s jump from the rath shouting & running towards the tree as bhandasoor is seeing them & feels now I will enjoy this by tricking them how they react. All devi mata’s are running towards the smoke while mahadev immerges from the smoke & all devi’s stop & mata parashakti is shocked seeing mahadev as ganesh is also saying how come mahadev is supporting them so parvati mata while cleaning mahadev;s kund so she too feels some trouble. Vishnu & laxmi mata are also surprised. Brahmadev is saying how is this possible & how mata will face this. Mahadev comes in various forms out from smoke & they are all shocked.

Bhandasoor’s sons are saying our father said correct as all women can’t face our bhandasoor’s plan. Bhandasoor is saying now they will be forced to back off. As mata & her army are watching them mahadev is coming running towards mata & attack her while she defends.

Ganesh says that all mata’s will fight to defend but won’t do war as backing off is accepting defeat.

They are defending while all gods are shocked & laxmi mata says that she has faith in mata lalita as she will take out some solution but all devi’s have to stop at the same place.

Bhandasoor is watching how women are fighting with mahadev & he is saying that while they are busy fighting here so in the mean time I will dedicate for ganeshji so he starts his meditation & ganesh as well as mata parashakti hears his sound echoing. He is keeping on doing meditation & says addressing to ganesh that I am not simple person & I will do yagna with this haldi statue to make you immerge in this physically & becoming helpless you have to come to give me your blessings & says that in meditation this much happens. Bhandasoor is also doing yagna while mahadev & devi mata’s are fighting with defensive tactics. Created bhandasoor is busy doing yagna while his mantra is telling to original bhandasoor that your power plan has worked so effectively that all mata’s are just defending themselves & can’t go back too & his son is also saying how much time they will stick to defend as finally they have to back off so that they will get defeated & all are laughing on them.

Brahmadev is saying whatever is happening is wrong.

Ganesh is asking mata parashakti that is there no solution for this kind of condition so mata tells him that no as if they are seeing mahadev himself fighting with them than they will never lift their weapons to attack mahadev & ganesh is thinking how will mahadev lift his weapons towards mata?

Kartik sees mahadev sitting near him so asks that if you are here then those other mahadev resembling you have come from other brahmands? Mahadev opens his eyes to see what is happening & mahadev meditates so he sees saying that if I am here in my brahmand then how my resemblances have immerged there & he is also in confusion.

Ganesh is telling mata parashakti that if your devi mata’s won’t attack with their weapons then mahadev will also won’t do the same towards devi mata’s then this indicates clear plan of trick & mata understands this telling ganesh that it is very true as this is not physically mahadev & ganesh is thinking who is this who can do such a plan of hiding the originality. Bhandasoor is saying this has to keep going for more time to achieve my goal.

Bhandasoor is doing yagna devotionally while he is thinking that ganeshji will have to come to give his blessings after I complete this yagna. Resembling mahadev is busy fighting with devi mata’s.

Ganesh is thinking there must be some solution to bring this mahadev’s actual form & he sees snake’s discipels as ganesh is wondering when mahadev’s sena immerged from the place why I am seeing such snake discipels so he is confused & suddenly he tells mata that I have identified them as they are nagasoor so mata is surprised & all gods are shocked.


Precap: Ganesh is saying that this bhandasoor is creating some big problem with his evil powers so ganesh is asking permission & goes towards bhandasoor. Mata is confused that bhandasoor needs ganesh’s blessings which is making ganesh helpless. Bhandasoor is asking ganesh that I wish only one thing that to be here in my place so ganesh boons his wish.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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