Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update – An evil ghost kills Gunvati’s husband & father.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhudevi is forcing Narkasoor to understand her what she is explaining as it’s not at all good to challenge a Goddess but he is adamant saying why can’t he because he is already booned by Prabhu Narayan itself.

Ganeshji asks Mata Kamyaksha what kind of avatar will come to stop Narkasoor & she says an avatar who will be of Prabhu Narayan’s eighth Avatar Shri Krishna’s wife but he asks Prabhu Narayan has booned him he mustn’t be killed by by any Avatar of Prabhu as well as Devi Laxmi then how this avatar & Mata says the woman who has taken birth & was devoted herself to Prabhu Narayan who was praised by her father of her devotion & later she took rebirth as Devi Satyabhama who will be ultimate killer of Narkasoor.

Bhudevi again is trying to explain Narkasoor he is misusing his powers behaving evil & he shouts saying he will also show Mata what he can do & will marry hundred beautiful women in front of her & let me see what she can do.

Mata hearing him says Narkasoor is inviting his death very soon it seems.

Prabhu Shri Krishna is playing flute while Devi Satyabhama is resting silently on his shoulders & later she asks him what kind of good deeds she had done in her past life due to which she got blessings of becoming his wife as she is leading this life very simple without doing anything special & he explains her what she was in her last birth.

A woman named Gunvati was born to his true devotee Brahman & Chandra his student was married to her & they all were devoted to him. One day Gunvati performed prayers along with them including her friend also. Her father always praised Gunvati for her devotion towards Prabhu who had taught her the true value in Prabhu’s devotion. On that day her father & her husband Chandra were leaving for work in jungle but she alerted them of evil in path but her father told her when Prabhu is with them then no worries because ultimately human’s life is taken care by Prabhu itself & Gunvati intimates her husband to always be besides him for taking care & he too assures her he’ll always guard him.

They leave along with all other villagers but while they leave out of the house Gunvati finds light blown off from Prabhu’s Pooja plate hence becomes restless about her father & husband’s life in danger while her friend calms her saying don’t be so panic but Gunvati says why she shouldn’t be so panic because there was no sign of air blown & everything was normal then why the light was blown off.

Gunvati’s father & husband Chandra are moving along with villagers but her father watches an evil ghost emerging from a tree who is waiting for all of them to come near him but her father alerts everybody of the ghost hence to leave from wherever they are while he’ll take care of him & all of them are running while Gunvati’s husband stops to guard him standing in front of his father in law & warning the ghost he can’t harm his father in law but that ghost says he’ll eat him & attacks with is pointy nails taking out his heart from his body & eats resulting he dies hence Gunvati’s father challenges the ghost saying he’ll be killed by his Prabhu’s powers but he says who is here to kill him & he takes out his heart also but before he takes out Gunvati’s father curses him saying he’ll eat this for the last time because this will be the reason of his death & Gunvati’s father also dies by the ghost also dies due to the curse.

All the villagers bring their bodies while Gunvati breaks into tears crying for both of them but villagers praise her husband who guarded her father due to which he died first & Gunvati also felt proud of her husband. She also didn’t had money to perform their last rites hence she sold all her clothes for money to perform last rites & later on devoted herself to Prabhu Narayan.

Precap: Gunvati walking on the steps painfully in meditation of Prabhu Narayan falls down becoming unconscious & Prabhu Narayan emerges blessing her saying due to her true devotion for him she will become wife of his eighth Avatar Prabhu Shri Krishna in her next birth hence she prays him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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