Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas begins his writing work of Shri Ram’s Charitra Manas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulsidas prays Shri Ram keeping his idol in front of him & taking permission of starting work of writing his Charitra Manas while his friend Shrikant is also besides him.

Tulsidas’s Santh friend’s devotee is watching Tulsidas while his Guru Santh asks him to whom he is watching & he tells him he is watching if Tulsidas has began writing Shri Ram’s Charitra Manas but Guru abuses Tulsidas saying there is vast difference in just singing poetry & writing Great God’s Granth.

Tulsidas arranges all his writing materials along with heart shaped Paan’s sitting under a tree to begin his work taking name of Shri Ram but when he is about to start his materials fall down from his writing table due to sudden heavy rains hence he realizes watching the ink pot & tells Shrikant that before chanting prayers of Shri Ganesh no auspicious work can begin & he prepares singing prayers for Shri Ganesh to get his blessings resulting in rains stopping while all the materials also get restored on his table again which surprises Shrikant & Tulsidas sees Shri Ganesh in his own self coming in front of him from whom he takes blessings for beginning his work hence Shri Ganesh blesses him.

Ganeshji tells Puspadant & Jaya that this way Tulsidas sang prayers of all the Gods & Goddesses before beginning his work.

Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati are also impressed watching this.

Tulsidas begins his work of Baal Kand being his initial subject singing prayers in Sanskrit wordings which after hearing this Shri Hanuman feels impressed & leaves towards him in monkey form to watch him from the tree how he is writing. Tulsidas gets involved deeply in writing unaware of time while Shrikant feels tired & sleeps near him.

Tulsidas’s old Santh friend Gyani is performing his class while his students including his wife are feeling attracted towards Tulsidas’s prayers of Shri Ram & he is shouting them to not to get distracted. Next day again he is about to perform his class while his student’s as well as his wife go to Tulsidas’s place to hear his prayers which attracts them a lot but watching this Gyani comes to abuse him & shouting his students while Shrikant tells him Tulsidas is purely singing prayers along with his writing & his wife also agrees telling Gyani the same thing but Tulsidas explains his students to not to get attracted only for prayers but to think Prabhu within themselves & also to respect from whom they hear knowledge of Gods. Gyani abuses Tulsidas for fooling his students & warns his students if they do not obey him he won’t allow them to attend his class again & all leave Tulsidas’s place.

Tulsidas finishes writing Baal Kand & takes permission of from his Prabhu of writing Ayodhya Kaand.

Precap: Tulsidas says he is writing Shri Ram’s Katha but Santh Gyani challenges him to narrate important description of Charitra Manas but he doesn’t instead lifts his bag to leave while Shri Hanuman in disguise is surprised watching this but Gyani abuses him saying he knew he can’t do this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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