Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya addresses his army.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the gods and demons getting ready with their special powers and armies to battle against each other. Kartikeya is with atyasura and all gods. Kartikeya says atyasura, these are the powerful gods that we have and tarkasura will get a tough fight even if he has more powers than our gods, because tarkasura is destined to die as he has sinned and whatever bad it is, it neverstands before good and dharma!
Tarkasura shows his next demon babuka. Babuka appears and says everyone come and try to move me from my place. The demon soldiers come ahead and try to move bauka from his place, nothing happens and babuka throws away all demons and becomes huge in size, he shows his many hands and holds the falling demons in his hand and puts them on ground. Tarkasura says all my

demons, get ready for this war, we shall march and teach those gods a lesson and show them where they belong, we shall rule this universe now. everyone say maharaj tarkasura ki jai! The demon army says with these powers, maharaj we will kill the gods easily.
Atyasura says prabu kartikeya, I now believe that the gods will win. I know it because the gods and you have the capability to destroy evil. Kartikeya says now you believe. Atyasura is worried and kartikeya says what happened? Suddenly a storm comes and 2 meteors come down and land. It is Veer Bhadra and mata Mahakali. Everyone do pranam.
Tarkasura says that kartikeya, dev senapati you don’t have any idea how I will surprise you tomorrow. Because tomorrow your end is for sure and I will turn you into ash.
Ganesh says to raja devodas and devi sarla, kumar kartikeya was meditating and practicing combat that night for the war which he was born for. There devi parvati prays to the shiv ling, om namaha shivay. Parvati is with mahadev and worried. Parvati says I am worried for kartikeya because tomorrow is his real test. Mahadev says parvati, you are his mother and I know for every mother in the universe, she is worried for the life of her son but your son was born for this and kartikeya has crossed all the tests and showed his capability, he was made commander of gods because of his karma and capability, and I believe him because he will do what he is supposed to do and what he has learned through his journey. Mahadev says you are his mother and his heart is connected with yours, your worry will disturb his focus and he will know it, he will do well tomorrow because he is capable for this war. There kartikeya prays in morning to mahadev. Mata skand appears and she does the Pooja of kartikeya for the war, she puts his tilak and sprays flowers and blesses him.
Kartikeya gathers the gods and his army, he says today it is about defeating evil but also about establishing dharma in the universe. Tarkasura gathers his demons and commanders and says today everyone from the gods has to die and we will kill them before sunrise, so go and kill those gods but first kill that atyasura. Tarkasura commands his commander demons to go and kill atyasura first.
Kartikeya tells the gods, today the war is also about protecting atyasura because he has come under us as bhakt and he has come for help, so our first duty as gods is to help the needy and ones who seek protection. Tarkasura tells his demons to go and kills atyasura and says he went to our enemy to seek protection, so that betrayer has to be killed as he doesn’t have any right to live. Tarkasura says if any god soldier comes in the way of killing atyasura then kill them to. The war starts and the armies of demons march towards gods. Kartikeya says everyone work according to our plan and strategy. As the first battalion of demon runs, the gods take their circular strategic position.

Precap: kartikeya and tarksura face each other. Veer bhadra and mata mahakali fight and kill demons as they shoot arrows on them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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