Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Satyanarayan Pooja begins arranged by Mata Paravati & Lord Mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with both the daughter’s arrive while Mata Paravati hugs both lovingly telling them to get ready soon now as guests will arrive anytime but they assure her they will take good care of welcoming all guests & takes blessings from Lord Mahadev also.
Mata Paravati & Lord Mahadev’s third daughter, Mansa talks within herself saying how come they forgot their third daughter or is it they must be planning to send me invite separately surprising me through Ganesh or Kartik or Lord Mahadev himself?
Kartik is appreciating Valli for arrangement but Devsena comes hearing Kartik’s appreciation towards her which is seen by Kartik so he appreciates her too to not to bring differences between them while Mata Paravati says thinking their competition should end before this pooja starts.
All guests arrive as Prabhu Narayan along with Devi Laxmi take blessings from Lord Mahadev & Mata Paravati telling Mata Paravati that today whatever you wish will be completed after doing this Satyanarayan Pooja & Ganesh is welcoming Brahmadev along with other gods. Brahamdev says now it’s time to start this Pooja but Ganesh wonders about the two Devi’s who they are as he feels like Mata Paravati’s blessings on them & Ganesh asks where Sudamaji is & Sudama says i have brought those who had performed this Pooja earlier & they are Maharaj Dashrath, Maharaj Mordhwaj & Dharmatma Manu along with me for this pooja so Ganesh welcomes them too.
Mata Paravati tells Brahmadev that now nobody is remained to arrive so to start this Satyanarayan Pooja while their third daughter understands this statement uttered by Mata Paravati & becomes angry.
Kartik along with both his wives sit to start the Pooja with Brahmadev & they begin performing Pooja.
Ganesh asks Brahamdev to explain the importance of this Pooja & Brahamdev tells him you can learn from the first lesson in its Pooja book. Brahamdev explains them this start had happened due to Dev Rishi Narad asking from Narayan God the solution of his difficult query faced by poor people of starving with no happiness in their lives then God Narayan gave him the solution to spread Satyanarayan’s Pooja fast performing to get blessings & brightness in their day-to-day lives & Rishi Narad did accordingly.
Brahamdev also tells them that second lesson started by two devotee’s of God Narayan in which one of them is sitting here only who is none other than Sudama itself & Brahmadev requests Sudama to dictate his story in his words now & Sudama happily accepts honour given to him & begins his story.
Sudama was in a very poor state in his last birth wherein he was married having wife & four children’s but was unable to provide them food also properly & could not make their livelihood comfortable & one day he keeps idol of Hari Narayan to perform Pooja regularly for him & also roaming begging every house for food or something to get for family taking name of Hari Narayan but was unable to get sufficient food or sometimes empty handed.
Sudama tells everybody that this way suffering was increasing & at times children’s use to cry for food but he was helpless.
The poor Sudama sits at one side of the path quietly thinking of how to search solution & he feels his children calling him for food & he becomes helpless but once he gets a guava from somebody giving him & he gets happy that this I will give to children’s by which they’ll feel better today & he gets taking name of Prabhu Hari Narayan but he is about to fall getting tired so a person comes to hold him & he sees his Prabhu in him & prays him but his Prabhu image disappears after sometime & he finds that his guava fell down under his feet crushing & again he gets depressed of losing this also. The person says now nothing is there with you so what’ll you do now & Sudama says my Prabhu will look after me & my family now.

Precap : The person advises Sudama to perform fast of Satyanarayan & accepts his advise saying yes I’ll do this. Sudama gets blessings of getting lot of food from everywhere & goes to provide his family as they are overjoyed seeing father bringing food to eat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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