Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chinnmasta kills ekaksh.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ekaksh standing alone, devi chinnmasta says ekaksh I give you another chance to save yourself, take your remaining demons and go back to your lo, you have been given your planets according to your characters, go back and you will live otherwise you will be killed mercilessly, I will heed your life if you go back and live peacefully with all beings. Ekaksh says I understood mata, I will go back. Ekaksh turns back to go, then he stops and looks at chinnmasta.
Mata kali says to ganesh, ekaksh acted like going but instead he had all ego filled in him and he was pure evil, he had to be killed for his sins and punished, only then would he stop.
Ekaksh looks at devi chinnmasta and laughs, he says are you a fool devi? You think I will be scared and go away? Ekaksh says you don’t know my power and my army, they will kill you, I will myself make you my food, devi!
Ekaksh calls his armies. The demon army comes down flying from the sky in thousands and they land on ground. Ekaksh laughs and says you will die devi. Devi chinnmasta then uses her sword and makes a very huge chakravyuh, and from that chakravyuh she summons all her 64 vikral devi forms like narmada, shanty, vayuveera, kali, mahalaxmi, purti, aditi, etc. all the devi’s appear in their vikral forms with swords.
Indra dev says to the gods, mata has summoned her 64 vikral devi forms, everyone do pranam. Ekaksh says devi, you have only 64 women against my thousands of demons. Ekaksh says my demons, see I have given you what I promised, I told you would get a royal life in swarg lok, see now you have more women for food and those are not any demon women, they are goddesses, eat them but leave that devi chinnmasta, I will kill her myself and make her my food. All demons run towards the devi. Chinnmasta says go my devi’s kill them all. The devi’s run and as demons come closer, they become huge in size. Ekaksh says how did the devi’s become so huge? The devi’s start killing all demons easily with their swords. Ekaksh is shocked and he says how are my demons getting killed so easily? The goddesses kill all demons easily and then they start drinking the blood of all the demons. Then ekaksh says I will kill all of you. The devi become and rotate around ekaksh taking him captive, he is taken to devi chinnmasta. Ekaksh is surrounded by all devi’s. ekaksh says please forgive me mata, I will go back to my lok, please leave me. Devi chinnmasta takes her sword and cuts ekaksh’s head, then the blood flows into all the devi’s mouth and they drink the blood.
Mata kali says after killing ekaksh, everyone was safe but all my devi forms started demanding more blood. Ganesh says what did you do then?
There all devi’s say mata give us more blood, we are hungry and thirsty, we want more blood. Devi chinnmasta then takes her sword and cuts her head, she takes her head in her hand and her blood flows into the mouths of all devi. Indra dev says mata’s leela is great.
There ganesh says after all this mata, finally your work was done right? Mata kali says no ganesh, in the world I gave life to all beings but in life’s cycle, everyone was born and they gave birth to more but no one was dying and the population was increasing, the cycle of life was disturbed greatly, it was time for me to take my next form.

Precap: indra dev and all gods go to brahma dev and say the population is increasing and life cycle’s balance is disturbed, we have to do something. Mata kali takes her new form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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