Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update – Bhairav attacks Shri Hanuman while Shri Hanuman retaliates.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairav & Shri Hanuman facing each other while Bhairav says I won’t listen to anybody now but Mata Rani says if anybody accepts his mistake then he is liable to get forgiveness.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that what had happened or did Shri Hanuman encouraged him to fight with him but Ganeshji narrates that Bhairav was evil thinker but if mistake is accepted then all get the fruits of forgiveness.
Shri Hanuman is explaining Bhairav that he is Shri Ram’s devotee Hanuman but he is insulting him saying all say such things to fool but Shri Hanuman is explaining about Mata’s image who has powers of all three Devi’s in herself hence to watch her properly while he tells Shri Hanuman realizing & saying that you know who & what I am hence I will do what feels me good.
Shridhar is meditating for Mata Rani sitting along with all villagers while his Brahman Guru is brought by his wife & son & his wife tells him to accept your mistake & ask forgiveness from Shridhar so that all your problems will vanish.
Shri Hanuman asks Bhairav if you would had understood then accept your mistake but he instead says that I have known her properly now & now I’ll use my powers to achieve her powers & Shri Hanuman says it’s of no use explaining you hence you have selected your path & Bhairav attacks Shri Hanuman but Shri Hanuman is retaliating his attacks destroying all his attempts. Shri Hanuman also suggests him to pray Mata & accept defeat but he instead is again & again attacking Shri Hanuman.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji why Bhairav was adamant & egoistic & he tells him that he was also a great Tantric hence he thought he can squeeze any powers whichever comes across in his path & this fight went on for long long days but ultimately he was about do some mistake which was harmful for him.
Bhairav is attacking with fire weapon to Shri Hanuman but Shri Hanuman pushes him with his chest powers by which he is thrown away falling unconscious. Shri Hanuman feels very thirsty & finds a Paan having drop of water hence picks it but Bhairav gets up & walks towards Shri Hanuman while Mata watching him shoots her arrow towards him & he gets scared thinking of his beheading while Shri Hanuman also wonders from where this arrow has come but the arrow passes through Bhairav & hits the mountain which results in waterfall & Shri Hanuman praises Mata for pouring so much of water for him while Bhairav is shocked.
Bhairav is moving fast towards his place while Shri Hanuman asks Mata that the water which came out of mountain has converted into a river now so what about this & Mata tells her that this river will be known as Ban-Ganga which will bless all people who’ll come to wash their evil deeds.
Shridhar’s Brahman Guru chants name of Mata Rani & his wife along with his son are happy for getting blessings of Mata.
Shri Hanuman tells Mata to decide about Bhairav but she tells him that it’ll take some time to think because his end is final but I have to look into Shridhar’s meditation also who should get my blessings while Bhairav should get his punishment.

Precap: Mata Rani & Bhairav face each other while Bhairav shoots his weapon towards Mata & Mata too shoots her weapon destroying Bhairav’s weapon & also gets beheaded.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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