Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Prabhu avdut punished indra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh, ravan and mushak reciting the story of mahadev’s avdut avatar. ravana says ganesh ji, you very well know this story because you were involved in what happened. Ganesh says yes. Mushak recites and says as it happened, devi sachi and indra dev spoke in their palace about going to prabhu vishnu’s wedding. Indra dev had become egoistic this time around and he said to devi sachi, she should come from mata laxmi’s side as she shall represent he bride and he being devraj indra had to reach first because he is king of gods, so he would be with lord Vishnu and had to quickly take his seating at the wedding too. Devi sachi tells indra dev that he should take ganesh ji with him too because he is carrying the wedding clothes of lord Vishnu. Indra dev gets angry and says

no, I will not take ganesh with me, he is an elephant head kid and everyone would laugh on me, I don’t want him to slow me down as I have to reach quickly. Indra dev goes as rishi Brihaspati comes. Sachi tells Brihaspati that she is worries about indra dev because he has become too proud and egoistic, she is worried that he will do some mistake while on his way which will cause something dangerous to his life. Brihaspati says he will go and try to save indra dev from doing anything wrong. Brihaspati goes.

Indra dve rides on airaavat and as he goes, ganesh comes from behind on mushak ji and says devraj indra, I hope you got my message. Ganesh says I told devi sachi, I should come with you as we will quickly reach to lord Vishnu and I will be able to give him the wedding clothes. Indra dev thinks, I am not your servant and anyway if I take ganesh ji with me I will be made fun of, I am the king of the gods and I wont accept any fun on me. indra dev tells ganesh, i cannot take you because you would slow me down and I have to reach quickly, you ask varun dev because he is behind me and will reach soon. Indra dev goes and ganesh feels sad and insulted but he tells mushak, mushak ji we will go with varun dev he will take us on his crocodile.

Mahadev notices this insult of ganesh and he decided to teach indra dev a lesson as he has gained too much ego and pride. Mahadev pours bhasma powder on himself using his trishul and takes the Aghori Avdut avatar. mahadev becomes prabhu avdut and he lies down on a path way towards Vishnu dev’s place. As indra dev is passing by, he sees an aghori and says get away from my path, it is the king of gods that passes by. Prabhu avdut doesn’t move. Indra dev gets angry and starts insulting unbeknownst of prabhu avdut. He says get off from this path, how dare you lie between my way? I will punish you. then avdut gets up and stands. Indra dev mocks him and says good you got scared of the king of gods and got up, now get aside otherwise I will punish you. avdut avatar turns and looks straight in indra dev’s eyes angrily. Indra dev gets angry and doesn’t recognize mahadev, he insults avdut and says how dare you look up at me? bow down or else I will punish you. indra dev takes his Vajra astra but mahadev’s powers keep indra dev from attacking him. indra dev says what are you doing? You are mayavi and using your maya on me. indra dev commands airaavat to attack avdut avatar, airaavat runs but as he comes near avdut he bows down and stands aside. Indra dev says what did you do to my vahan? Indra dve tries and attacks a lightning bolt on avdut avatar, but avdut destroys it. then in anger, mahadev’s third eye opens and attacks indra dev. Rishi Brihaspati comes and indra dev is shocked as he sees mahadev.

There ganesh is on mushak ji, he asks all gods from varun dev, vayu dev, agni dev, surya dev, shani dev, yam dev and all gods but everyone deny taking ganesh ji and they all go. ganesh is sad and feels insulted but continues on his path with mushak ji and the wedding clothes of lord Vishnu.

Brihaspati pleads mahadev to take back his attack otherwise indra dev would be dead and indra dev has realized his mistake. Indra dev understands his mistake and asks for forgiveness from mahadev and says I am not even worthy of asking for forgiveness, I have done a huge mistake. Mahadev takes back his attack but is still in his avdut avatar in anger.

Precap: All gods reach and ganesh comes after everyone with the wedding dress. Mahadev goes to teach a lesson to the rest of the gods.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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