Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nag mata kills nandak.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ekaksh sitting on the throne, as he is sitting, a lion roars loudly and everything shakes. Ekaksh says what was that?
Outside the palace, mata chinnmasta comes on her lion. Ekaksh gets up and says who is that? Ekaksh and his 2 commanders, bahubuj and nandak go out and see chinnmasta devi. Ekaksh says who is this devi? She looks very divya.
Ganesh says mata kali, why did you take the form of chinnmasta? Mata kali says it was required that adi-shakti take the form of chinnmasta, you will know soon why chinnmasta form was taken, ganesh.
There indra dev and all gods stand in the clouds and see, they do pranam to mata chinnmasta. Ekaksh says my demons look at everything in swarg lok, there are gods, women, apsara, so much gold, food and all pleasures, royal life but I never knew there was this devi too. ekaksh laughs and says it will be so much fun to fight with this devi. Indra dev gets angry and says this cheap demon ekaksh, these are all demonic thoughts of such evil demons. Ekaksh says devi who are you? Why have you come here?
Mata chinnmasta, says I am devi chinnmasta, I have come to order you to go back to your lok, if you don’t then you will all die and be punished. Ekaksh laughs and says devi, you don’t know who I am. Nandak laughs and says devi, he is asur samrat ekaksh and no one can defeat him, ekaksh says don’t be a fool you will die if you fight me devi, I give you a chance to go away. Ekaksh then says nandak is very powerful, he is himself enough for you, he can kill you easily. Bahubuj says go nandak, teach this devi a lesson.
As nandak runs towards chinnmasta, adi-shakti’s other form of devi appears. It is devi nag mata! Naga mata dev appears and says you demon, how dare you insult devi chinnmasta? Do you know whom you are facing? You are facing your death but you are not accepting it, I will give you all a taste of your death. Nandak runs towards nag mata and says I will kill you with my horn. As nandak reaches nag mata, she uses her sword and hits nandak’s horn and stops him. nandak screams in pain. Ekaksh is shocked and says how is this possible? Nag mata then cuts the horn of nandak. Nandak screams in intense pain as he bleeds and he goes back. Ekaksh is shocked. Nag mata runs with the horn towards nandak and she puts the horn inside nandak’s stomach killing him. ekaksh is shocked and says what did you do devi? Bahubuj is angry and he says no!
Nag mata goes. Ekaksh says go bahubuj, avenge the death of nandak. Bahubuj says I will kill you devi. Bahubuj runs towards chinnmasta, suddenly he sees someone running around him blurred. Bahubuj stops and says who is that? Is someone here? Bahubuj is running and the mata kali comes and she says you demon! Bahubuj hears her breathing sound and stops, he says this devi looks so fierce. Bahubuj says devi I will kill you. Bahubuj uses his circular spiked ball weapon and swings around mata kali. Mata kali kicks him and bahubuj falls down. kali then uses the weapon and pulls bahubuj, she then hits bahubuj with the same weapon, bahubuj falls down in pain. Mata kali hits bahubuj continuously with the weapon as he bleeds and screams in pain, he says she is hitting me with my own weapon. Kali hits and then kills bahubuj. Ekaksh says no!

Precap: chinnmasta cuts her head as blood flows from her neck towards her cut head inside her mouth. Ganesh says how was ekaksh killed?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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