Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav performs Pooja for devotee Gadadhar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with aged Brahman devotee Gadadhar holding stick in his hands is arranging materials of rituals for Prabhu’s prayers to begin but he is struggling due to his age while his son is trying to help him but he is handling himself without taking any help. Gadadhar’s son praises his devotion while Gadadhar begins prayers but after prayers he tries to put garland on Prabhu’s idol but falls down banging his head while his son tries to handle him. Gadadhar emotionally prays to Prabhu that now I am helpless it seems but I only plead you to let me do your Pooja for the last time & he tells all other people that tomorrow will be my last Pooja due to my end is near hence this tradition will be continued by my son after me but his son becomes very emotional hearing this while Gadadhar is leaving the temple but falls down walking & he says Prabhu this is proof that I can’t handle myself now & which that stuck garland has also proved so I feel I might won’t be able to perform the Pooja while his Prabhu picks the garland telling him that devotee’s difficulty if not understood by Prabhu then who’ll understand hence he intimates him to do not go this way but he tells Prabhu that if I turn then I won’t be able to leave so please don’t stop me & he leaves but his Prabhu says that this was your last chance to see me actually & becomes very emotional for his difficulty.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that why Gadadhar didn’t looked behind & he tells him that still Prabhu’s miracle was yet to happen.
Gadadhar comes home while his son & daughter in law are depressed watching his condition without eating & sitting aloof.
Madhav sits in front of his Prabhu in his hut for pleading to help his devotee Gadadhar for which he’ll perform the Pooja dedicated to him & he begins the Pooja singing prayers while Shri Krishna moves from temple to show himself to Gadadhar who is surprised watching bright light of Prabhu flashing his eyes & he prays realizing it as his Prabhu & he watches himself in Prabhu’s mirror about his prayers which he use to always perform earlier for him. Prabhu simultaneously also sits behind Madhav who isn’t aware while he is performing prayers.
Prabhu emerges in front of Gadadhar who is stunned becoming emotional praying Prabhu deeply.
After prayers finish Madhav also realizes if Prabhu behind but he sees his friend who is actually Prabhu in disguise & feels surprised. He offers Prasad of laddoos to him while he asks only one & he says you are right when Prabhu isn’t going to come then for whom I should keep this hence he gives all to him & he eats everything while chatting with him but Madhav asks him you ate all & did not leave single laddoo also for me but he says I thought you gave all for me & he says it’s ok if my friend has eaten then I feel I have eaten. Prabhu uses his powers of making both of them feel stomach full & Madhav as well as Gadadhar are surprised how their stomach became full while Gadadhar prays his Prabhu.
Balbhadra tells Subhadra that this was the miracle what Prabhu wished to do that’s why he was pulled there because he can’t see his devotee starving.
Madhav’s friend tells him that only by hearing the stories you are getting devoted to Prabhu without showing your own devotion for him so think how devotion comes true from heart & he leaves. Madhav falls in confusion what he uttered but realizes that he has to show his pure devotion towards his Prabhu so that he’ll get his achievement to meet his Prabhu actually for blessing him which was taught to him by his wife too.

Precap: Gadadhar climbs temple’s steps saying that I will climb this on my own & he reaches in front of Prabhu’s idol while Prabhu himself emerges to welcome him while Madhav is also surprised watching the miracle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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