Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rahu drinks amrit.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying after the samudra manthan, mama shree Vishnu took the mohini avatar. ravana says I will tell you what happened after that.

After that, devi mohini, takes the pot of amrit and brings peace between gods and demons at the moment until the amrit is distributed. The gods know the mohini avatar is of lord Vishnu and this is a plan to fool the demons. The demons listen to mohini avatar as they are mesmerized by her beauty and are willing to do everything she says. Mohini avatar brings a truce between demons and gods and says I will serve the amrit to everyone myself, but first I shall give it to the gods, everyone shall sit together for this process and I will give amrit equally to everyone. The demons and goes agree and they sit. Raja bali and rahu look at

mohini as she serves amrit to everyone. The gods get amrit and drink it, rahu thinks what if the amrit gets over before it reaches the demons? I will drink the amrit at any cost today. Rahu disappears. Mohini comes to the last of the gods and gives the amrit to the last god. The last god sits and smiles looking at the amrit served to him.

Chandra dev doubts the god and gets up as he sees him laughing cunningly. The last god drinks the amrit and Chandra dev says he is no god, he is a demon. Rahu reveals himself as he drank the amrit and laughs and says I drank it, no one can do anything now. mohini gets angry and before the amrit goes down the throat of rahu, mohini uses sudarshan chakra and cuts the throat of rahu. Rahu still laughs and says I am immortal. Rahu’s head separates from his body. This way, rahu was accepted not as a god, but as a deity as he drank the amrit and then he was placed amongst the surya mandal as being one of the nine planets of the system.

Ravana says this was the story of rishi durvasa and how he was important in the samudra manthan. Ravana and ganesh pray to rishi durvasa for his darshan. Rishi durvasa appears with hundreds of rishi’s. he blesses both but is angry on ravana. Rishi durvasa says ravana, I have come here with so many rishi’s and so you have to organize food for all of us, as we are rishi’s. remember ravana, if you fail at organizing food for all of us then I shall curse you and take away everything from you that you have gained till now. rishi durvasa goes with all rishi’s. ravana is worried and scared.

He says from where will I bring food for so many rishi’s? ravana is worried and he thinks and says ganesh ji, you are the vighnaharta of all people, please help me. I need your help ganesh ji, only you can help me. ravana starts praying to ganesh and says soon rishi durvasa will be here with all rishi’s.

Ganesh is the vighnaharta so he agrees to help ravana. Rishi durvasa comes with all rishi’s and ganesh helps ravana by bringing food for all the rishi’s. the rishi’s accept the food and eat the food, they pray to ganesh. Ganesh appears in his divya form and rishi durvasa and all rishi’s do pranam and pray to him. ravana thanks ganesh for helping him. rishi durvasa is angry as he sees mahadev’s aatma ling in ravana’s hand and he says ravana lankesh, I shall curse you, how dare you hold mahadev’s aatma ling? Ravana tells durvasa that he got the aatma ling as a boon from mahadev. Durvasa is angry but he says, ravana I could take the aatmaling from you right now but I stopped because prabhu ganesh ji is with you, he helped you so I wont take the aatma ling from you but remember, you will not reach lanka with the aatma ling, you will fail ravana. Rishi durvasa goes.

Ravana thanks ganesh for helping and ganesh says lankesh, tell me the story of mahadev’s next avatar.

Precap: Ravana tells ganesh the story of mahadev’s Aghori Avdut avatar who punished indra dev for his egoistic attitude.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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