Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update:Ganesh fights demoness kithika.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh flying towards durgamasura’s lok with the diya in his hand.
There durgamasura thanks mata kali and says now ganesh, I will not let you reach my lok at any cost! That diya shall be put out and I shall kill devi of ved too. Durgamasua then summons a demoness, named kithika! A demon in the form of a fly, The demoness kithika comes flying and she stands in front of durgamasura and says yes maharaj, how should I help you? durgamasura says kithika, go and put the light out from the diay that ganesh holds, if he reaches here and the diya’s light touches my lok then it shall be destroyed because it contains all the powers of devi adishakti. Kithika says yes maharaj, I shall do as you said. Kithika goes.
There kartikeya says to adishakti, mother now durgamasura knows about our plan, he knows that the diya’s light contains all your powers and if he puts that light out then ganesh will lose all your powers. Durgamasura can hurt ganesh mother, what if he does anything to ganesh? Adishakti says ganesh is capable of protecting himself and also capable of defeating durgamasura, but he has to hold that diya’s fire still otherwise he may lose my powers and then durgamasura’s lok wont be destroyed. Adishakti says kartikeya, believe in ganesh. Kartikeya says yes mother, I do believe in ganesh.
There as ganesh is flying on mushak ji. He senses a demon following him. the demoness kithika flies in her small fly form near ganesh. Ganesh says mushak ji, there is a fly demon near us, we have to get down on ground and tackle her first otherwise she may try to put out the light from the diya. Ganesh and mushak ji get down. Ganesh sees the demoness kithika in her fly form and says demoness, why have you come? Kithika says ganesh, I am going to put that light fire out from that diya. Kithika flies near the diya, ganesh then uses his powers and with mushak ji he becomes small in size too and hides himself in the huge crop fields. Kithika finds ganesh from the light of the diya. Ganesh says kithika, you look at this light, instead of putting it out look at it, it will make you feel pleasant and eternal happiness. Kithika looks at the light and she feels holy and eternal happiness. Ganesh then becomes of his normal size with mushak ji and he says see kithika I told you. kithika says I feel so happy in my inner soul, I have never felt this way before. Ganesh says lets play now. kithika if you come nearer this light, you will feel more pleasant than before.
Indra dev says ganesh ji is playing? This is no time to play. Kartikeya says wait devraj, don’t come to conclusions now, look at what ganesh is doing. He has made a plan to defeat kithika.
There kithika flies near the diya’s light and comes nearer the light. As kithika comes closer, she touches the light and burns. Kithika burns and screams in pain, she is killed and reduced to ashes. Ganesh smiles and he says lets go mushak ji.
Kartikeya says see, ganesh killed that demoness kithika. All gods do pranam to ganesh.
There durgamasura sees this and says no ganesh, you killed kithika. But I will not lose, I will send a more powerful demon to put out the light from the diya.

Precap: Durgamasura summons a demon named Chayasura! A dark demon. Chayasura goes and as ganesh comes near durgamasura’s lok, chayasura puts out the light of the diya in ganesh’s hand. Ganesh says no, how could I let this happen?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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