Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Lord shankar meets gajasur.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati praying to lord Vishnu sitting on earth in a dry forest. She prays om namho vasudevay namah! Parvati sits for years and prays to lord Vishnu. It rains and thunders, there is lightning and then snowfall, then extreme heat but parvati prays under these difficulties. Lord Shankar opens his eyes from under his tree in kaliash and then goes to the palace, he looks around and thinks what he said to parvati that this would be his test too as he cannot live away from her too. There parvati prays, ants now start crawling on parvati’s body and they cover her. After days the ants make anthill around parvati as she prays. There lord Vishnu is in his vaikunth dham with laxmi. Laxmi says prabhu it is now time for you to go to devi parvati.
Lord Vishnu leaves his flower on earth and it falls down on parvati’s leg. Everything is fine and lord Vishnu appears. Parvati takes the flower and has tears, she is happy. Lord Vishnu says ask what you want devi parvati as you have impressed me by your prayer. Parvati is happy and says prabhu, give me the wish of a son who is intelligent as brahma dev, tejaswi as you my lord and patient and powerful as my swami, prabhu Shankar! He hsall have all the traits of tridev. Lord Vishnu smiles and says tahthastu devi, you will have a son! Lord Vishnu goes. Parvati gets up and everything around her grows into a beautiful forest with flowers and birds. Parvati calls her messenger neel kanth bird, the bird comes and parvati tells it to go and tell lord Shankar that she is coming. Neel kanth goes to mahadev who is sitting under the tree and chirps. Lord Shankar says I know my love is coming, lord Shankar goes in the palace.
There gajasur is praying to the shiv ling and thinks prabhu I prayed to you for so many years and you have not yet come, now I will force you to come. Gajasur starts doing the tandav of lord Shankar to impress him, this tandav causes the world to shake and the universe is in threat from gajasur’s tandav. All the gods in dev lok see this and indra dev is shocked, he says gajasur is doing tandav. The tandav attacks a weapon and heaven and indra dev falls down, all gods pick him up. Indra dev says if gajasur continues to do tandav then the trilok will be destroyed.
There lord Shankar with nandi and other followers is in the kitchen as they try to make kheer but it fails. Lord Shankar says nandi you saw devi making kheer, right? Nandi says yes prabhu I have seen mata parvati making kheer many times but I haven’t seen how she made it, I always just looked at the kheer as it looked delicious. Lord Shankar says okay, that is right but I will make kheer today for parvati as she is coming after years back to kaliash after prayers. Lord Shankar says it is not that difficult to make kheer, you need milk and rice that’s all, they are the main ingredients. Nandi and everyone stammer and say yes prabhu. Lord Shankar then puts the utensil and puts milk in it, nandi gives rice and then lord Shankar puts the sweet gul in it. nandi says that I know mata used to mix the kheer with this spatula. Lord Shankar says okay and mixes the kheer with spatula. Then the kheer is made, lord Shankar says see it is ready, now you prepare it properly and decorate it in a utensil, I will go and check other preparations. Everyone look in the kheer and look scared.
There parvati is coming towards Kailash. Lord Shankar and everyone are outside the palace and everyone is decorating and making rangoli’s with flowers. Lord Shankar says what is this nandi? Everyone do it properly otherwise when parvati will come I will tell her this is the way how you took care of the palace. Everyone get scared and start lighting diyas and making flower rangoli’s. lord Shankar sees and suddenly he hears gajasur’s voice saying om namah shivay! Lord Shankar stops.
There devi parvati finally comes to kaliash. She is welcomed by nandi and everyone else. Parvati is happy and sees the rangoli, she then says where is prabhu Shankar? Nandi says right here, then they all look back and nandi says prabhu was right here, where did he go? parvati says go and find him nandi, he must be in meditation. Nandi goes. He comes back after a short while and says mata prabhu is not there anywhere in kailash dham. Parvati is shocked and she goes in her room. she looks outside balcony, she says is my lord in a problem? parvati then says no he wont be in a problem but my heart still feels sad. Suddenly everything becomes dark and the sun is covered. It is lightning. Nandi and everyone come and nandi says mata, the sun has gone which means darkness in the world, what will happen now? parvati says calm down and go out and wait. Everyone go and parvati says I will ask my brother lord Vishnu. Parvati prays to lord Vishnu and he appears. Parvati says brother where is my lord Shankar? Lord Vishnu tells her he has gone to gajasur.
There lord Shankar appears and says gajasur now stop your prayer to impress me, this is causing destruction in trilok. Lord Shankar says gajasur ask me what you want as you have impressed me. Gajasur says prabhu, I want everything, I want you! gajasur says prabhu I want you to live in my stomach so that your tej keeps me protected. Lord Shankar says gajasur, this is a wish which is too dangerous. Gajasur says prabhu I want to be powerful and I want you inside my stomach. Lord Shankar says greed destroys a person gajasur, think before you ask this wish. Gajasur says lord, I am your disciple and once I said I want this wish, then I want it. lord Shankar says okay gajasur. Lord Shankar looks in the sky and thinks this is a difficulty which will keep me away from parvati. Lord Shankar says gajasur before I come inside you, let me go and meet my love parvati as she has come back after years. Gajasur says no lord, I want you to fulfill my wish first. Lord Shankar says I haven’t seen parvati for years gajasur, I want to meet her. Gajasur says no lord Shankar, you promised me and I have prayed for years, now first fulfill my wish. Lord Shankar closes his eyes and then become shiv ling and goes inside the stomach of gajasur.
There parvati becomes angry with red eyes and says no one can keep my lord away from me.

Precap: parvati makes an idol of her son as she sees him from her body essence. Lord Vishnu gives the statue life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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