Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana runs from veer bhadra.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and ravana walking in the night forest that has a divine glow. Ravana says while Chandra dev prayed around the peepal tree, veer bhadra ji was angry at everyone else too because everyone stayed quiet at the yagya of prajapti while devi sati committed suicide. Veer bhadra went to punish mata saraswati and devi aditi, the mother of gods. He went and said, you both stayed quiet while you played the veena devi saraswati, no one stopped daksh and you both sat just like that without saying anything to him while devi sati killed herself. Veer bhadra cuts the noses of saraswati and devi aditi.
Devi aditi and saraswati go to mahadev for forgiveness. They say sorry and say prabhu, we are really sorry we didn’t stop dkash prajapti but everything happened really quickly.

Devi sati came and daksh insulted mahadev, we thought it would be best not to stop him because he had to be punished, but stopping him would really save devi sati, forgive us mahadev. Please forgive us and save us. mahadev says you should have known the pain my love, sati went through yet you didn’t save her, someone should have stopped daksh but yet forgiveness is what keeps the world going. Forgiveness is the moral onto which everyone shall live, I forgive you both. mahadev blesses them and they get their noses back.
Ravana then says Chandra dev finished praying but the sun almost rose in the morning as the night had ended. Chandra dev prays to peepal tree as he has disappeared completely now, he asks for forgiveness and blessing from mahadev so that he would be back. The peepal tree glows and blesses Chandra dev, Chandra dev is back to normal and he thanks mahadev.
Ravana and ganesh pray to veer bhadra and say his mantras. They take the name of lord shiva and say om namaha shivay! Veer bhadra appears and ganesh and ravana take his blessing. Veer bhadra notices the aatma lignin ravana’s hand, he says lankesh why do you have mahadev’s aatma ling? Ravana gets scared and he stammers and says prabhu veer bhadra, I prayed to mahadev and impressed him, I got the aatma ling from mahadev, he gave it to me. veer bhadra gets angry and screams, he says impossible! Ravana gets scared and he starts running. veer bhadra says I will kill you ravana, you shall be beheaded. Veer bhadra runs behind ravana and ravana comes near a tree and stops as veer bhadra comes, veer bhadra almost hits ravana with his axe but stops and says ravana, I am not killing you today and not attacking you because there is the peepal tree behind, to keeps its respect I shall not attack you. veer bhadra goes. Ganesh comes and says veer bhadra didn’t kill you because of the peepal tree, ravana ji you despise prabhu Vishnu but Vishnu dev lives in the peepal tree and you should thank him as he saved you. ravana says not only Vishnu dev, brahma dev lives at its roots, Vishnu dev in the center and at the top, as all branches and leaves mahadev stays, my prabhu. All the gods, goddesses and the 8 avatar’s of saraswati and laxmi too reside in the peepal tree. ganesh says yes, the peepal tree is divine by banyan tree is huge and glorious. As they speak, nandi comes running and ravana just turns back as he senses nandi. Nandi hits ravana so hard that ravana flies in the sky and aatma ling slips from his hand and flies in the sky.

Precap: Ganesh says the aatma ling should fall down and get established here. nandi says ravana is about to hold it in the sky, it shouldn’t come in his hands again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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