Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update – Narkasoor puts his wish of marrying to his Mata Kamyaksha itself.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mushak taking along Ganeshji is thinking about Ganeshji’s thoughts of Narkasoor how he’ll tackle to bring him on right path.

Maharishi Vashisht is meditating while Narkasoor thinks saying who can it be who is to be stopped anyhow but his mother Bhudevi is trying to stop alerting him about what Ganeshji taught him can’t he understand but he is adamant insulting her to not to teach him while he knows what to do & leaves out of the palace with his guards to search who it is.

Ganeshji after reaching Kailash says he who insults his mother builds more evil deeds within him which ultimately destroys him so Ridhi & Sidhi ask Ganeshji when Narkasoor is behaving so weird then how he’ll teach him lesson & he says he’ll learn on his own.

Narkasroo finds lot of devotee’s meditating on his path of search hence he orders his guards to throw them away & they all run away & he feels happy saying this meditation power of his Mata is only for him & nobody else but again he hears the same voice meditating for Mata so he goes inside the temple of Mata where he finds Maharishi sitting on air deeply chanting name of Mata Kamyaksha hence he again tries to bring hurdles in his meditation but fails then he uses his powers to create trouble for him to breathe & Maharishi slowly unable to breathe falls down form air in meditation so he becomes wild on Narkasoor warning him saying he does not know to whom he is troubling but Narkasoor instead warns him saying this achievement of meditation for this Mata is only his & cannot become of anybody hence Maharishi leaves from there & Narkasoor feels happy thinking he got scared about him. Mata emerges shouting Narkasoor that he has done wrong by insulting her other devotee Maharishi Vashisht hence there is no reason now left for her to stay here so she leaves from there & Narkasoor keeps calling her to stop.

Ridhi & Sidhi asks Ganeshji what he’ll do now when Mata itself has left him & he says to let’s see if he chooses to return to his mother or does not come out of Banasoor’s instigation.

Narkasoor takes oath telling Mata Kamyaksha that he’ll bring her back anyhow as it’s his achievement itself of her & keeps running to search her but his mother Bhudevi comes while he feels it’s his Mata but finds his mother & becomes restless. His mother tells him he has lost her due to his evil deeds but then too he is adamant to find her.

Ganeshji says thinking he thought his behaviour will improve but no sign of that it seems.

Narkasoor while searching falls down in pain & Mata comes to give him water but unknowingly he holds the water bowl & drinks it & finds Mata’s feet in front of him hence sees Mata but his eyes gets attracted towards beauty so admires her beauty expressing his wishes to marry her & hearing this Mata becomes wild while all who are watching with Ganeshji from Kailash are also stunned saying what kind of evil he has become who can’t realize it’s his Mata & feeling to marry her so Ganeshji also says Banasoor’s effect has taken toll on him it seems.

Mata Kamayksha shouts saying to him he isn’t his pure devotee who cannot realize she is his Mata then too he is talking in weird language saying he still feels to marry her because of her great beauty which he never realized about it hence Mata says she will marry him if he completes her wish & he says what so she puts her wish that he has to build a temple for her on Neel mountain along with various kinds of steps as per her choice & he accepts her wish but she says it has to be built in one night & he accepts her challenge.

Precap: Narkasoor begins building temple deputing workers for completing within one night while Mata is watching his work. Ganeshji says wondering if he builds it in one night then what’ll happen ahead is to be watched.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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