Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura attacks swarg lok.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story of bajrang’s son. Gunesh continues and says after brahma dev’s blessing, bajrang and varangi had a son, destruction and evil had been born as a demon named tarkasura! The embodiment of evil and destruction, tarkasura was born to only win over all dharma! Tarkasura then grew up as an evil demon and started his destruction.
Raja devodas says then what happened? Gunesh continues and says tarkasura then started attacking the kingdoms on earth and he soon conquered earth, he next went for patal lok and became the asur king of patal lok as well. The next he went for swarg lok.
In flashback, tarkasura challenges the gods. Indra dev and all gods confront tarkasura and devraj says tarkasura you demon, how dare you try to attack swarg lok?

Tarkasura says indra dev, swarg lok is mine and I was born to be victorious, I will soon go for trilok and I will win that as well. Indra dev says I shall give you one chance to walk back, because your father bajrang made us brothers and for him I shall let you go. tarkasura says I will give you one chance to surrender devraj, if you don’t then I shall kill everyone. Indra dev gets angry and attacks tarkasura. Tarkasura holds indra dev by his neck and lifts him. the gods get angry and suryadev says we wont let you do this, they remove their weapons to attack tarkasura. Tarkasura creates a portal which starts pulling the gods and their weapons in it, indra dev thinks if dev gan are pulled in this portal then the world will be imbalanced and destruction will start everywhere. Indra dev says tarkasura leave the gods, you will get what you want but leave everyone. Tarkasura laughs and spares the gods, he throws indra dev on the ground and says you all are puny gods and no match for me, I shall kill you within seconds so I let you live, I will have swarg lok soon! Tarkasura goes.
Gunesh tells while tarkasura was ready to attack trilok and swarg, mata shailputri was born to a devi who was born in the form of a human.
When tarkasura was born, a rishi kept a yagya in swarg lok at the same time. All gods including tridev were present and the wives of all gods were present. Some devis’ came and sat for the yagya but were laughing and having fun while the yagya was done. The rishi’s were insulted by this and in some time they got angry and got up, the rishi’s said you devi’s are laughing and having fun in this yagya and by this you have insulted us rishi’s. We curse you, from your next lives you shall be born as humans and shall never be born as the wives of gods. The devi’s get shocked and sad and they cry, they ask forgiveness and say rishi’s we did not intend to hurt you all, please forgive us. The rishi’s anger calms down and they say, we cannot take the curse back but we can reduce it, you will be born as humans only in the next life and then on as the wives of gods, but in the next life mata adishakti’s form of mata shailputri shall be born from your womb. The devi’s thank the rishi’s.
Gunesh tells raja devodas, this way even mata shailputri was born to end the demon tarkasura.

Precap: gunesh tells raja devodas the result of eyeing on someone else’s property. Mata shailputri rises to kill tarkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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