Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata adi-shakti stands against mahadev.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with supriya saying thank you prabhu for coming to protect me. Mahadev says you are my disciple, I had to come. Supriya smiles. Daruk says wow mahadev, a disciple called om namah shivay and you came, such deep bhakti is that. Daruk says come mahadev, sit here but not on my throne because I am the king here, you rule at kailash and protect your bhakt’s there not here. Daruk laughs and says my demons will kill everyone as we are protected. The demons pick their weapons, mahadev looks at them angrily and instantly they die from lightning and then burst into ash. Daruk is shocked and scared and he hides behind daruka and says what is happening daruka? See everyone is getting killed, even I may get killed from mahadev. Daruk thinks will mahadev kill me?
Mahadev removes his weapon and says daruk, you have done enough and I will not leave you alive, you have tortured many innocent people and killed them. Mahadev removes his sword to throw it at daruk. Daruk hides and says save me daruka. Daruka thinks and as mahadev is about to throw the sword, daruka comes in between. Daruka says I wont let you kill my swami. Mahadev think I cannot attack on a woman, he stops and says get aside daruka. Daruka says no mahadev, I will not let you kill him, I knew you wont kill me. Mahadev smiles and says daruka, I will kill your husband daruk and it wont hurt you too. daruka says no! mahadev picks his sword and swings it to kill daruk. Daruka screams mata! Please save us. Mata adi-shakti appears with her shield around the demons, daruk and daruka. Mahadev stops.
Ganesh says what happened then mata? Indra dev says the situation got out of control, mahadev’s anger was increasing because even mata adi-shakti was now protecting daruk and his demons.
There mahadev says get aside devi, I have to kill this demon. Mata says no mahadev, daruka is my disciple and I have given her wish to protect her and her people. Mahadev says this demon has killed many innocent people and tortured my disciples, I will kill him, get aside devi. Mata says swami, you are my husband and you should understand, I have given my promise to protect daruka and her people, I cannot get aside, she is my disciple. Mahadev says supriya is also my disciple and I shall protect him but if I leave this demon alive, he will again create chaos and kill innocent people, so I shall kill him, get aside. Mata says please listen to me swami, you are my swami and also the father of this universe and the god of all gods, don’t attack my disciple. Mahadev puts his sword and the ground shakes.
Kartikeya smiles and says so father calmed down. mata kali says even I thought the same but then he used his words and words are even dangerous than actually attacking.
There mahadev says okay devi, I will not attack but I curse daruk and all his demons, from now, those who follow dharma and are of positive thought will only live on this daruka forest, if anyone who follows iniquity, they will die on this forest. Daruka says no! suddenly the demons start getting currents in their body and they fall down and die. Daruka says this is cheating mahadev, you have cheated with us, you cannot do this. Mata adi-shakti is shocked. Mata says mahadev, how can you do this? I had promised to protect daruka and her people, you have gone against my word. Mahadev says devi, I have heard what you said. Mata shakti says okay then, you are right at your place and I am right at mine, we are both protecting our disciple. Daruk starts dying too. mata says now I promise, any demon who lives on this forest will always be safe. There is thundering and lightning, mahadev gets angry. Mahadev says devi, how can you go against my curse? You cannot do this. Devi shakti says I have to protect my disciples. Mahadev says and I cannot let daruk live or any demon who kills innocent people, you will have to go against me and fight me devi. Mata says mahadev do you want to fight your own wife? Mahadev says no devi! I am fighting only to protect the world and all innocent people.
Mata kali says this way the situation got even worse.

Precap: mata takes the form of chin-mastika! Devi shakti says you attack first mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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