Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update – Meera accepts test of Kulguru to prove her devotion.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kulguru finishes performing Pooja for settling Prabhu in the temple while Raja appreciates saying to him how nicely & immediately he completed this but Kulguru says devotion for Prabhu never completes without singing prayers for him & he sits along with all of them to hear prayers while Meera is moving towards her musical instrument to begin prayers but Udabai is insisting Raja to control her & he is about to stop her but Kulguru stops him telling him if she wishes to sing let her sing as per her choice which is acceptable to Gods also.

Meera begins singing prayers for her Prabhu while Kulguru is lost in her voice closing his eyes which feels him appreciable & Raja also feels happy about her but Udabai is concerned she mustn’t do anything wrong & after sometime Meera begins dancing singing prayers & Kulguru later opens eyes watching Meera dancing hence he becomes wild shouting to stop. He tells her this is not suitable for her to do this in Prabhu’s devotion which a woman shouldn’t when she herself is Rani but Meera says to dance for Prabhu in his devotion is acceptable by him also then why this stoppage for her. Kulguru says he as a big devotee of Prabhu does not behave wrong against him then how can she do this being just a simple devotee & not to think she is such a big devotee like Prahlad who was blessed from coming out of fire but Meera says she is such a devotee who loses herself whenever Praying for her Prabhu to dance which he likes & she’ll keep doing this for him. Kulguru says if she thinks herself such a big devotee then to prove herself like Prahlad who was saved from Fire Samadhi the same way to save herself from Water Samadhi.

All are shocked to hear this including Raja who tries to convince Kulguru for not giving such a difficult test to Meera but Meera tells Raja she is fine with this test because Kulguru infact is giving her the opportunity to prove herself so that all of them will believe her & she tells Kulguru of accepting his test & he is shocked to hear this.

Meera moves in the sea water entering deeply while Raja is becoming restless & Udabai feels emotional towards Meera thinking she wished her wellbeing from Kulguru instead he has given her test which she never expected. Kulguru prays Prabhu if she is true devotee then save her.

Meera enters deep in the sea & Raja shouts shockingly her name but Meera keeps going inside & falls in a garden place where she meets her Prabhu sitting playing flute. Meera expresses her faith in him while he says he has to do this towards her as promised & she asks when he’ll take her along with him & he says not now as this time is for her test to be proved but time will come for that too & he sends her up while Meera flows back holding Prabhu’s idol & comes out of the sea while all of them are stunned watching her back again becoming emotional & trusting about her true devotion. Raja praises Meera’s devotion while Kulguru is watching him weirdly.

Precap: Meera is walking holding Prabhu’s idol in her hands while everybody is following her. Ganeshji says Meera proved herself she is an ultimate devotee to all the people raising questions against her devotion but the time had come of losing her husband from her life. Meera was following peacock flying but Raja sees her & holds her because of falling down due to this but realizes he had promised he will never touch her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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