Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Ganeshji achieves blessings from Mata Kamyaksha to save Gods from Narkasoor.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Brahmadev saying to Ganeshji this way Narkasoor got attracted towards evil path due to his friend Banasoor resulting he didn’t listen to his mother Bhudevi also so Ganeshji says because Narkasoor had achieved all those powers with his meditation of Mata hence ego got developed in him due to which he became trouble for Gods & he says he will also perform meditation of Mata Kamyaksha for help but Mata Paravati says it’s not so easy because all kind of materials need to be arranged & prepared & Vishwakarma says this opportunity can be given to his daughters Ridhi & Sidhi to support Gajanan for good cause & she allows him accordingly.

Naraksoor brings clutched Gods converted into goats & offers to Banasoor gifting him saying this is arranged for celebration to prove himself that he is supporting his evil plans against Gods & he feels happy about it while the goats are thinking saying now Prabhu can only help them.

Ridhi & Sidhi arrange all those materials preparing it while Nandi & others too help them in their work.

Narkasoor & Banasoor are enjoying dancing with women in his palace of Jyotishpur while Ganeshji begins performing dance of meditation to impress Mata Kamyaksha for emerging to help him. After finishing the dance Ganeshji pleads Mata to please emerge to help him & she emerges showing her bright light behind her idol. All Trilok Gods tell Ganeshji we all are born due to Mata hence Mata is only ultimate helper to her son so Ganeshi intimates her about terror of Narkasoor for which he needs help from her to end his terror & Mata explains him she’ll definitely help him to end terror of Narkasoor because he has created evil path in him after achieving powers through them but when intimated earlier to not to misuse powers then too he didn’t stick to their point & lost his behaviour so has to be punished for behaving evil towards Gods & not listening to his mother too. Mata also tells Ganeshji she’ll show him the right path which he’ll automatically understand how to tackle Narkasoor because he has achieved this blessings from her due to prayers of Gayatri Mantra which he chanted brought her in front of him & Ganeshji with blessings of Mata realizes the solution & says to Mata he understood the right path what he ahs to do to end terror of Narkasoor all praise Mata while she leaves.

Ganeshji leaves taking his vehicle Mushkaji telling him to first take him to Maharishi Vashisht & Devi Arundhati while Rishi is trying to make sculpture structure of Ganeshji but he is unable to make & Devi Arundhati advises him to not to panic as Ganeshji will itself help him & Ganeshji comes while both of them welcome him but he says when he is here personally then why to make his idol & informs them he needs help from them due to Gods in trouble & Rishi asks him how can help him so Ganeshji advises Rishi to pray in temple of Mata Kamyaksha starting her meditation hence Rishi goes in temple as per directed & Ganeshji takes leave from Devi Arundhati.

Narkasoor is enjoying with Banasoor who falls down while drinking but watches Gods converted into goats are getting some powers to stay calm & he informs Narkasoor about it wondering some plans are brewing through Trilok’s it seems & Narkasoor says Mata Kamyaksha can only help in this & also advises Banasoor to do meditation of Prabhu Narayan so that he’ll too achieve those powers which will make them powerful in this entire world & he agrees with him.

Bhudevi is trying to stop Narkasoor but he insults her while she intimates him Ganeshji has arrived here so it might lead him into big trouble in his life but Narkasoor says he’ll tackle Ganeshji & goes out to confront Ganeshji but Mushak is alerting Ganeshji while Narkasoor attacks Ganeshji warning him & Ganeshji guards himself with his powers.

Precap: Narkasoor welcomes Ganeshji in his palace showing Gods whom he has clutched converted into goats & he takes Ganeshji inside to show his room while Ganeshji says to Gods he’ll save them as has arrived now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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