Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav is adamant of his Prabhu’s arrival for him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu Shri Krishna emerging along with sister Subhadra & brother Balarama to praise & appreciate Raja Indradhun & Rani Gundecha because of their efforts all this could be achieved building this temple & finally establishing it from Brahmadev himself.
Raja says that it’s because of your blessings only all this could happen hence Shri Krishna asks him that what you wish boon from me tell me & Raja expresses to bless all those people who contributed their selves in achieving all this & also to bless his brother as well his sister in law who also was the part of this achievement & Shri Krishna asks what more but Raja says nothing else while Balarama says you just wished for others & not for yourself but he says that when I have blessings of my Prabhu then what more I would wish. Shri Krishna fulfils Raja’s wishes saying that I am ready to bless all those people & their families who were along with you in this achievement as per your wish & also your brother & his wife along with his current & coming generations to be the caretaker of this temple forever. He also says that he will always visit in a year to Rani Gundecha Aunty’s place for eight days to spend with her for enjoying her hospitality & Rani is delighted in emotions for getting such a status for her from Prabhu while the current children’s of Vidyapati are also happy for Prabhu’s blessings on them & their future generations.
Shri Krishna also gives separate names to their Idol’s which will become famous in this world by those names in future performing Yatra’s of each Idol separately & asks Raja that are you contented with your wish being fulfilled & he says that you have given more than expectation.
Madhav says to Balarama that Prabhu fulfilled all Raja’s wishes making his bag full of boons but he tells him that to narrate more about Jagannath temple but Balarama hears the bell ringing for Maha-Bhog hence he tells him that it’s time to have Prabhu’s Maha-Bhog which can’t be missed hence come along but he sits while Balarama leaves & tells Shri Krishna that to see how your devotee Madhavdas comes hearing about the Maha-Bhog now.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Madhav was confused watching everybody going to eat Maha-Bhog hence he was thinking what to do.
Madhav also gets up moving towards the temple to have Maha-Bhog while all three of them are watching him happily but Madhav remembers his oath taken of not moving from the place until his Prabhu does not come to meet him hence he goes back while Balarama is shocked.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that how come Madhav did this of disrespecting Maha-Bhog of Prabhu but Ganeshji tells him that he waited for his oath taken for his Prabhu’s emergence for him but then Prabhu’s sister Subhadra & Mata Laxmi took the opportunity to convince him.
Devi Laxmi tells Prabhu Narayan that this isn’t good of ignoring Prabhu’s Bhog hence I’ll go & try convincing him as his mother so that he won’t ignore.
Subhadra comes to offer Maha-Bhog to Madhav becoming his sister but he isn’t accepting it while she tries keeping convincing him but he is adamant saying that unless my oath isn’t completed I won’t have while Devi Laxmi in disguise also comes to convince him for Bhog but again he isn’t listening to her too. Then she tells him that there is also story behind the Maha-Bhog & he tells her to narrate him for which he is eager to hear but she tells him that if you promise that I can serve you food then only I’ll tell you & he is confused. Madhav after thinking that it’s only of serving but eating is my choice then he says that I’ll allow you to serve but first narrate me the story.
Devi Laxmi tells him that once Dev Rishi Narad was moving from the jungles chanting his Prabhu Narayan’s name & finds a simple villager devotee praying his Prabhu’s prayers itself.
Dev Rishi enters the hut appreciating the villager while he welcomes praising him saying that ultimate devotee of Prabhu Narayan has come it’s my honour while Dev Rishi says yes you can say ultimate devotee but you too are great devotee.

Precap: Dev Rishi eats the Bhog of Prabhu in villager devotee’s place while devotee is expressing his happiness watching that if you are excitingly eating this simple Bhog then what you’ll do when Maha-Bhog will be there. Dev Rishi watches Prabhu Narayan eating Maha-Bhog & uses tricky way to eat the left over Bhog later.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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