Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya go to demon base.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods using their powers on the demons as the demons suffer in pain. Durgamasura has blown the horn as the sun is setting. Indra dev says you demon, you cheated but your demons will still play as the war wont stop, it is dev senapati kartikey’s decision whether we continue fighting. Kartikeya is angry as all gods are holding the demons captive. Indra dev says kumar kartikeya, the sun is still setting and I suggest we kill all these demons now. Kartikeya is angry and he says no, wait. Durgamasura says do you want to break the rules that you set? If you do so, then we demons will fight at night and continue fighting till we kill all of you. ganesh says no stop, no one will fight. the fight stops because it is according to rules that no one fights after the sun sets and

the horn is blown. Kartikeya says yes, the demons can do adharma but we gods wont do any adharma. All gods leave the demons and stop the fight.
The demon commanders gather the army and durgamasura goes back to their base. Ganesh and all gods gather with their army and go back to their base, indra dev says that evil demon cheated today and if he had not done that then those demons would have been killed. Ganesh says no, that is not that! there is some secret to all the demon commanders of durgamasura, I could see that all of them were in pain and suffering when we gods overpowered them but they all have a blessing and that is what is stopping them from being killed. Kartikeya says you are right ganesh, we have to do something about this. ganesh says yes, we have to know what their blessing is so that we get a way to kill these demons and then mata shall kill durgamasura after her pooja is over.
Suddenly a gush of wind comes and the gods suddenly feel cleansed, the gods feel more powerful and divya. Ganesh says this is all due to mata’s first day of pooja, her prayers to mahadev have cleansed our thoughts and given us gods more urja and power. Ganesh says I and brother kartikeya will go to the demon base and get to know the blessings of each demon. Ganesh takes a plate of laddo and goes with kartikeya.
At the demon base, 2 firefly demons say to durgamasura, maharaj we have to know the power of the enemy before we go against them and we have to know what these gods are planning against us demons, so I suggest that we both go there in our forms of fireflies and then we will know what their plan is. Durgamasura says okay. The firefly demons go to the god base.
Durgamasura is praying to tamsik mata and he says give me darshan mata, give me darshan! Durgamasura sacrifices 2 heads and says give me darshan mata, appear.
Ganesh and kartikeya reach the demon base. The demons are shocked and says what are you gods doing here? Ganesh says we brought you laddo’s. all demons get hungry.
The firefly demons reach the god base as they watch the gods talking.

Precap: Ganesh says to ganasura, I think you have a blessing and no one else has so that makes you powerful than all. Ganasura says yes. Other demons get angry and start revealing their blessings.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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