Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Indra dev gets airaavat.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gods and demons doing the samudra manthan. Ravana tells ganesh how as the samudra manthan was in process, the gods and demons received many precious items and jewels. Ravana says but the first thing that came out of samudra manthan was the poison, Halahal. Ravana says halahal poison was and is the most dangerous poison in the universe and no one can stand it or live it.

In samudra manthan, the halahal poison appears and starts poisoning the whole world. The gods and demons scream for help as the poison starts killing living beings around the world. Everyone pray to mahadev and call for help. Gods and demons say mahadev, save us! Help us mahadev, help us. The gods and demons get affected from the poison and call mahadev for help. Mahadev sees the world and he stands up, he uses his powers and soaks the halahal poison in his hand. Mahadev drinks it, all gods and demons watch the event. As mahadev takes the poison, his throat turns blue from the effect. Parvati uses her hand and holds the poison at his throat from going inside. Mahadev then becomes or called Neelkanth for the blue throat. All gods and demons praise mahadev.

Ravana says after this, the mandhrachal mountain couldn’t stay stable as it had no base to hold itself in the ocean while churning. Ganesh says then what was done for that? Ravana says the gods and demons struggled as mandhrachal started drowning in the ocean. In samudra manthan, the mandhrachal mountain drowns and gods pray to lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu takes a new avatar, the kurma avatar of the tortoise and kurma goes under the ocean and holds the mandhrachal steady on its shell. The gods and demons thank lord Vishnu and continue churning the ocean.

Ravana says as the gods and demons churned the ocean, the precious items started appearing for everyone. First came the green jewel, that went to lord Vishnu for his contribution to the samudra manthan, then came another jewel and mahadev’s amoga astra which went to mahadev for his contribution. Ravana then says then came the kalpa vriksha that went to indra dev, in indra lok. Then came another tree, the divine tree that fulfilled all wishes, it went to demons. Ravana says indra dev gave it to the demons because he didn’t want them to get eager and angry at anything. Ravana says this way many precious jewels and items came that were distributed between the gods and demons. Ravana says then came airaavat, indra dev’s elephant vahan that rishi durvasa had taken away. Indra dev got his vahan back, the demons didn’t hesitate because their real target was the amrit.

Ravana says then came the goddess of wine with a gold pot of wine and alcohol, the demons chose to take it. Ganesh says madeers is not good because it distracts a person and destroys their life, but the demons chose it.

Precap: Chandra dev appears from the samudra manthan and the demons and gods fight for Chandra dev. Then comes the amrit, a god-demon war is at stake.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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