Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh’s stomach tears.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh sitting on mushak ji, as he rides mushak he falls down and both fall on their backs. Chandra dev sees this and he laughs. ganesh looks at Chandra dev. Chandra dev says ganesh ji, I have been seeing this play of you and mushak ji since you were out, first of all that huge stomach with so much sweets in it, a small mushak ji, how will he even carry you? You fell twice and it seemed so funny. Chandra dev laughs and laughs. ganesh gets angry, he suddenly screams loudly saying mother! The scream is so loud that is goes throughout the universe and all gods and tridev hear the scream too. Everyone is shocked and say it was ganesh ji’s scream.
Ganesh’s stomach tears and all the modak and laddoo come out of his stomach and fall out. Ganesh screams in pain and he falls down and faints. Mushak is shocked and he cries and says prabhu please wake up prabhu! Prabhu! Chandra dev is shocked and he says ganesh ji! No. Chandra dev says what happened to ganesh ji? This is all because of me, if mata parvati sees this and knows it was because of me, she will kill me.
Parvati hears the scream inside, she nandi and yamraj are shocked. They start running to come out and see ganesh. Kartikeya hears and is shocked, he and mahadev get up, kartikeya says ganesh said he would come from behind but what happened to him? mahadev says you go and see ganesh, I will check for your mother. Both go.
There all gods have come with lord Vishnu and brahma dev. Lord Vishnu says how did this accident happen? What has happened to ganesh? Brahma dev is shocked and says ganesh’s stomach has torn, how could this happen? He is lying down. Indra dev and all gods are shocked and indra dev says brahma dev and Vishnu dev, ganesh ji is not even getting up, something really bad has happened to him, but what happened? All gods see Chandra dev. Indra dev says Chandra dev what happened? You were her before everyone, you saw what happened, tell us. Chandra dev is worried and scared. Indra dev says this is like last time when mahadev had cut ganesh ji’s head, mata had become so angry that the universe was almost destroyed, we have to stay away from this otherwise mata will kill us. Mata parvati comes out with nandi and yamraj. Parvati says where is ganesh? As all gods, brahma dev and Vishnu dev stand parvati cannot see ganesh and says where is my son? Kartikeya comes. Parvati is scared as tears roll down her cheeks, she says ganesh! Kartikeya thinks mother is so worried that she cannot even take ganesh’s name. As mushak is crying, kartikeya and parvati hear it. kartikeya says this is mushak jii’s sound of crying, where are they? Yamraj thinks I should have told mata this danger in time, all this would not have happened. Parvati and kartikeya come out from between the gods and see ganesh. Kartikeya is shocked and he comes to ganesh and tries to wake him up, he cries. Parvati is shocked to the core and says my son! Ganesh get up! Ganesh! She is about to faint when mahadev holds her. Mahadev comes and says how did this all happen? Brahma dev thinks everyone thought about parvati’s anger but forgot what would happen if mahadev got angry. Lord Vishnu says the universe will be destroyed in an instant if mahadev gets angry.
Mahadev says I asked who did this? Mushak cries and says mahadev, this has happened because of Chandra dev, mushak tells entire story and says because we fell Chandra dev laughed and insulted prabhu and then prabhu fainted with his stomach torn and screamed. Mahadev gets angry and says Chandra dev! Chandra dev is scared and says forgive me mahadev and mata parvati, i have done a huge mistake and sin, I ask for forgiveness, I can do nothing more than ask for forgiveness. Mahadev takes his trishul and it thunders. Parvati says how could you do this Chandra dev? First of all you mocked a child for eating a lot which one should never do and you insulted ganesh. Mahadev says Chandra dev you have done sins a god shouldn’t! you mocked a child and the pratham pujya devta ganesh! Ganehs has helped all you gods every time you fell in danger but you insulted him and you shall be punished. Chandra dev says forgive me mahadev.
Brahma dev and Vishnu dev think mahadev please don’t do anything in anger, your anger will bring the world to an end if you kill Chandra dev, forgive him mahadev. Mahadev thinks and he calms down and says I have thought about this, I forgive you Chandra dev for what you did. Parvati says what? I didn’t hear that right, how can you do that prabhu? Every time my son has to suffer, first his head and then his tusk and now his stomach! Why does he have to pay for something he hasn’t done? Chandra dev has to be punished. Mahadev says uma! Chandra dev is the god of moon and night, if he is killed then other beings of this world will be killed as well, he has a duty and ganesh can be brought back, any decision taken in anger is a decision of destruction. Parvati says but mahadev, I want justice for my son and Chandra dev will be punished. Mahadev says it is a command parvati! Chandra dev is forgiven. Parvati looks at ganesh as a drop of her tear falls on ganesh’s head and she faints down, kartikeya holds her as Chandra dev says no mata!
Suddenly ganesh gets up and mushak ji looks at him. ganesh says mushak ji, all the sweets and laddoo’s in my stomach came out, mushak is worried. Ganesh says what did you think? If my stomach tears I will die? I am the form of para brahma ganpati and nothing can happen to me, I will eat back all the sweets that fell out, ganesh takes all and puts it back in his stomach. Everyone is pacified. Mahadev smiles.
Ganesh says come on lets go mushak ji otherwise mother will be worried, I will have to hide this torn stomach or mother will be worried.

Precap: ganesh becomes huge and says Chandra dev you will be punished because of you my mother has fainted, I will not leave you. ganesh starts sucking Chandra dev using his trunk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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