Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update – Dhundli is always insulted by her son Dhundkari.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhundhkari arrives in drunk condition & Atmadev shouts him but he instead insults Atmadev.
Ganesh narrates to Pushpadant & his wife that Atmadev’s son kept drinking daily while Atmadev was getting wild towards him.
Dhundkari again arrives drinking & tells his mother to give food & while eating he spits saying that what kind of food have you prepared which has no taste at all while Atmadev shouts him seeing this & saying that if you do not respect your parent’s then atleast respect food but instead he pours all food on his & body throwing the plate aside saying to eat now & Atmadev gets depressed reminding of Brahman who had advised him earlier about his son’s behaviour.
Gokarna washes Atmadev’s body & he teaches Atamdev that to leave all this selfish behaviour towards your son while Atmadev asks him what I should do & Gokarna advises him to get blessed from God by reading devotional books & Atmadev does accordingly.
Pushpadant sees the costume of his wife wiping the sindoor line & thinks he can run now after hearing the complete story while Ganesh understands what Pushpadant is planning but keeps narrating the story.
Atmadev keeps reading devotional books under a tree & his Prabhu Shri Krishna emerges to bless him asking what you wish & he says that your existence is enough for me but to take me in yourself & Prabhu takes his soul in himself which is seen by Gokarna.
Gokarna informs his mother Dhundli about his father who is blessed & left us & she gets depressed while Dhundkari arrives in drunk conditions again & she informs him about his father’s death but he instead says that I am not concerned whatever has happened to him but whenever I come home food is to be provided to me & she feels very depressed while Gokarna watches all this emotionally.
Ganesh tells them that Dhundkari kept on doing evil deeds towards his mother Dhundli who never reacted on his deeds.
Dhundli tells Dhundkari that I have seen a proposal for you to get married who will look after you & me too but he just hears & leaves.
Girl’s parents arrive at their place but Dhundkari comes late with some women’s & girl’s parents seeing this leave from there while he tells him mother that you needed a woman for me hence I have brought so many women’s for you of whom you should take care & provide food as well as sleeping place to them but Dhundli feeling depressed remembering about the advice given to her from Atmadev which she was facing now that one day her son will insult her.
Ganesh keeps narrating the story to Pushpadant & his wife.

Precap: All women’s kill Dhundli for demanding of money. Gakarna sees a ghost in front of him. Ganesh says Gokarna gets a new direction after death of Dhundli.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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