Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh travels towards kashi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya saying kashi is made by father mahadev and going there would make anyone pure of all their sins. Kartikeya continues and says kashi is a place where all disciples of mother and father can come and also of tridev and tridevi, they are blessed and all their wishes are fulfilled.
Gyarahi says but prabhu how will I get salvation? Kartikeya says the holy waters of kashi and your funeral and last rites will get you freedom. Ganesh says brother we should head towards kashi now but first ask mother and father. Kartikeya says yes and they go to Kailash.
In Kailash, parvati says why do you both want to go to Kashi? Mahadev gets up happy and says wow, you both are going to Kashi? Parvati says whenever your father hears the word kashi, he gets all excited.

Mahadev says I know why they are going, to help a ghost get salvation. Ganesh says yes father. Parvati says then go my sons. They both go with mushak. Parvati says swami, I know this is all your leela so that ganesh and kartikeya meet my form in kashi. Mahadev says yes uma, the king of kashi had told me to leave kashi if he was to rule kashi, so I had to leave your form and get separated from her then! Your form has now turned a goddess into an idol and she fulfills everyone’s wishes there but her eyes look in the sky as she still waits for me to come there and take her, but ganesh and kartikeya will solve that problem.
At mansarovar lake, gyarahi says why are we standing here prabhu? Ganesh and kartikeya fill 2 pots each and hold them using a stick with a pot at either side! They hold it using their shoulders and then head towards kashi and gyarahi follows them. Ganesh starts singing a song, we are coming to kashi! Kashi is waiting for us to come! Kartikeya and ganehs dance as they walk towards kashi and gyarahi follows them as he says prabhu give me salvation soon, please.
Some rishi’s follow ganesh and kartikeya as well with mushak ji. The rishi’s dance and sing too.
As ganesh heads farther, they reach the palace of subodh. Gyarahi sees subodh standing and says my son! Subodh is happy and he says my prabhu ganesh ji is here, he goes and takes ganesh and kartikeya’s blessing and says what do you want me to do prabhu? Why have you called me here? gyarahi thinks I cannot go in front of my son in this condition, I cannot! Gyarahi hides behind ganesh and is sad and has tears, he says I cant even see my son.
Ganesh says subodh we called you as your father gyarahi’s spirit is still raoming in this world, he has become a ghost and has not yet got salvation. Subodh is sad and says what? Ganesh says yes, I killed gyarahi because of his sins but he has to get salvation and you have to do your father’s last rites properly. Subodh says this is because of me, I will do anything so that my father is free, I don’t want him to suffer more. Subodh says where is he? Gyarahi comes out from behind and says I am here son. Subodh smiles and he takes gyarahi’s blessings. Gyarahi blesses subodh. Ganesh then says we should head to kashi now.
They all start walking towards kashi and reach the boundary of kashi. There suddenly a female voice says stop right there, you cannot go ahead from here. ganesh says I feel that sound is familiar. The female goddess form of varaha, Varahi comes down. Ganesh says varahi ji? She is the form of lord Vishnu. Kartikeya says what happened? Varahi says you cannot go ahead from here as I feel the presence of a ghost, it cannot enter kashi. Ganesh thinks what do we do now?

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya plan to make varahi understand and get gyarahi’s ghost inside kashi. Varahi takes her weapons to fight ganesh and kartikeya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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