Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Devotee rishi bhutkal gets to meet his prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh dancing like his devotee bhutkal doing in front of his idol which he understands while paravati & ahilya are surprised & wondering about gunesh’s dance.
Laxmi mata asks narayan who was this devotee & he explains her the ultimate devotee who also wrote granth in future on gunesh.
Gunesh dancing & blessing devotee bhutkal while he gets delighted thinking prabhu has called me & now i’ll get to meet my prabhu.
Mata ahilya & paravati are appreciating gunesh having such great idealistic behaviour while gunesh is dancing like rishi & mata ahilya blames gunesh again for doing wrong to dance like rishi which insults them.
Gunesh is signalling his devotee bhutkal as it reaches him & follows the path shown by gunesh as gunesh tries to pick sindoor from the plate held by ahilya to show path to devotee but paravati stops him explaining him importance about it & he stops. After mata’s leave gunesh wonders how to show path to his devotee & tells children’s to bring sindoor to play & they bring as gunesh uses it to show path while bhutkal understands the signal & finally reaches appreciating his prabhu gunesh for helping him to come near him as children’s have applied sindoor on his body & his devotee weeps emotionally while gunesh wipes his tears & tells him to show your devotion.
Rishi bhutkal dancing for guensh while he is enjoying it but both mata’s are hearing the voice of gunesh laughing so they go see what is happening & paravati mata gets angry on him shouting to stop but rishi bhutkal prays mata & tries to explain her it’s my mistake towards my prabhu which i wished i’ll do dance for him then too mata explains him that this is wrong towards your age also which gunesh must had understood & not to joke with you instead you should had welcomed like guest & asked for food or water so she decides that now gunesh is liable to get punishment from his father itself & she takes him intimating ahilya to give rishi warm welcome.
Aslasoor is getting swarlok treatment but he instead tries leaving that thinking if sindhu knows the truth then he’ll kill me & as he is about to leave he is stopped by sindhu & aslasoor is again trying to tell him the truth but can’t utter actual words due to gunesh’s powers within his throat.
Mata paravati complaining mahadev about gunesh & he tells gunesh to tell what actually happened & gunesh is detailing mahadev that mata only told me sindoor makes our body cold & away from anger so i applied it & as rishi came to meet me so he did that what he wished & i joint him so mahadev explains paravati he is right as any devotee who gets to meet his prabhu & also prabhu if meets his devotee than it’s obvious both acting weird which happens in excitement which is not at all wrong but instead paravati says it means you won’t punish him but supporting him while gunesh thinks no anger should erupt between father & mother so he accepts his mistake to father & paravati decides his punishment to sit for meditation for whole night.
Rishi is taken to his hut by one of girl child while he is asking the child where can my prabhu be but she tells him he is told by mata to sit for meditation so i can’t tell you but you settle yourself & he becomes depressed thinking i did not get any time also to meet my prabhu properly.
Gunesh sitting for meditation but can’t concentrate seeing flies everywhere & also getting impressed by rishi’s meditation while mata’s are watching him & also emotionally saying he is just a child but need to teach him all this too so paravati explains him how to concentrate while gunesh is thinking about his devotee.
Mata paravati is depressed thinking about gunesh while mahadev comes to explain her then too she goes outside the hut crying emotionally while gunesh is blessing rishi bhutkal in his hut who has sat doing prayers for him while mata paravati & ahilya think how is this possible gunesh in rishi’s hut.
Gunesh is telling rishi since you are calling me it was not possible for me to wait so i came to meet you.

Precap : Mahadev asks gunesh why you didn’t show your form to rishi & gunesh explains mahadev mata loves also & punishes also so was waiting for him to devote as he is your devotee too. A rishi arriving while children’s mistakenly scatter pots which disturb his path as gunesh watching.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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