Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bajrang conquers swarg lok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story of mata shailputri. Gunesh says, rishi kahsyap was a great rishi and his sons were the demons! One of his sons, who was very adharmi and extremely strong was bajrang.
Bajrang was a demon who wished to conquer the swarg lok and also wanted immortality. So bajrang did extreme and harsh prayers to brahma dev for years. In flashback, bajrang does extreme meditation and prayers and one day brahma dev appears after being impressed by bajrang’s prayers. Brahma dev says what do you want son? Bajrang says give me amrit brahma dev, I ant immortality. Brahma dev says that is not possible, no one can get immortality, ask something else. Bajrang says then okay brahma dev, i want to conquer the swarg lok, bless me with that. brahma dev says okay and

says tathastu.
After the blessing, bajrang gets even more powerful and he goes and conquers swarg lok. He takes all gods captive and says you gods, from now you shall be my prisoners in swarg lok captive in your ecells. Bajrang is happy with his newfound kingdom and he rules swarg lok happily.
One day brahma dev goes to rishi kashyap and says kashyap my son, your son bajrang has taken control of swarg lok and put the gods in prison, only you can make him understand, you have the power to teach him good, tell bajrang that this is not the happiness he wants. Rishi kashyap says okay father, I will convince bajrang. Rishi kashyap goes to swarg lok and bajrang warmly welcomes his father and says look father, my swarg lok. Rishi kashyap says son, how did you get swarg? Bajrang says father, I fought the gods and I used my strength and conquered it, now it is mine and I rule it. kashyap says son, so you used your powers to do wrong? Bajrang says what do you mean? I fought and earned it. kashyap says no son, swarg is not yours, it belongs to the gods, you used your powers for the wrong and you now think this is all the happiness you always wanted. Bajrang gets confused and says but father, I wanted swarg lok. Kashyap says but are you happy after putting the gods in prison? By stealing something from someone else, you may be happy but your inner heart knows that you wont get respect from everyone else, it is true you have sswarg lok now but you are my son and the gods are your brothers, this throne belongs to indra dev and he is your brother, you have just overthrown your brothers but rather you could have gotten love from them as well my son. Rishi kashyap says now the decision is yours. Rishi goes. Bajrang realizes his mistake and he gets sad, he goes and frees the gods and respectfully brings indra dev back to the court and says brother indra dev, this throne is yours and now I know what I did wouldn’t make me happy, I have done wrong and forgive me! Please take your throne. Indra dev smiles and sits on the throne, he then gets up and says bajrang, because you are my brother I forgive you. bajrang says thank you brother, now I shall go, I have realized that my true happiness is only in meditation to my prabhu, I shall do that. indra dev says bajrang, I offer you to stay in swarg lok and be a minister in my court. Bajrang says no brother indra dev, I want happiness through meditation and that is what I shall do all my life. Bajrang hugs indra dev and goes.
From then on, he starts living as a rishi in his hut with his demon wife varangi. Varangi serves bajrang as bajrang meditates.
Gunesh tells raja devodas, bajrang listened to his father because he realized that there is no happiness in using someone else’s belongings. He then started living a life of a sadachari and attained true happiness in that, but problems had not gone. Varangi bajrang’s wife still hated the gods. Devodas says what happened then?
In flashback, one day varangi is looking in the sky and bajrang says my wife, you have served me so much and so well, but never asked for anything, I could try and give you what I can. Varangi says then you still can give me anything I want. Bajrang says please ask, I shall fulfill it. varangi says first you have to promise me! bajrang says okay I promise! Varangi says give me a son such that he shall have victory over trilok and vaikunth dham as well. Bajrang gets angry and says what are you saying? You still hate the gods? Varanagi says yes I do and I always will, but you have promised so fulfill my wish.
So bajrang starts praying to brahma dev harshly again for varangi! Brahma dev appears one day and bajrang says prabhu, please fulfill my wish, I want a son who will have victory over trilok and swarg lok. Brahma dev says what are you saying? This will cause destruction. Bajrang says I know brahma dev, but my wife has asked it and I promised her, I cannot break my promise, I am forced to fulfill, I need only this wish. Brahma dev says okay and says tathastu.

Precap: Bajrang’s son is born with extreme power to cause destruction. There mata shailputri is born as adishakti takes her birth for bajrang’s son’s destruction.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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