Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya threatens the ghost.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying mushak ji, anyone can put the apples back as they were. If there is truly a ghost, then let it enter my pouch, then I will believe it. The ghost then sees ganesh’s pouch and enters it. ganesh then ties the pouch and says see I told you someone was messing with us, the one who troubled you shall be trapped inside my pouch now. the ghost screams leave me please, leave me. Ganesh says I will leave you on one condition, only if you come in front of us in your actual form. The ghost says I will, it is my promise. Mushak says but prabhu what if he cheats and goes? The ghost says I am a ghost, a ghost never breaks its promise. Ganesh says he is right and he leaves the ghost. The ghost comes out in black fog and then appears in his ghost form in front of ganesh.

He says prabhu, you killed me and because of you this is my condition.
Kartikeya comes with his spear and says you dare touch my brother, I will kill you. ganesh thinks already this ghost thinks I killed him and brother has also come now. kartikeya says stay away from my brother or I shall kill you where you stand. The ghost says already your younger brother killed me, now even you come and kill me, what can I do! Kartikeya is confused and he calms down and says ganesh killed you? who are you? the ghost says yes, ganesh ji killed me. Ganesh says tell us who you are. Ghost says first promise me ganesh ji that you will help me, then I shall tell you. ganesh says okay I promise you, now tell us. The ghost says I am the soul of gyarahi. Kartikeya says what? Gyarahi? Gyarahi says yes, I am gyarahi, after you killed me for my sins ganesh ji, even my son subodh who followed dharma did not do my funeral and last rites because of my bad deeds, then my spirit started roaming and now this is my condition! I realized the wrongs I have done and ask for forgiveness but I want to be free, I have become a helpless ghost roaming everywhere, please give me salvation prabhu, please free me from this world. Ganesh says I promised I would help you, but what can I do? Kartikeya says yes. Gyarahi says kartikeya ji, ganesh ji can do anything because he is the pratham pujya, he has the power to give me salvation and he promised me he would help, if you both don’t then I will keep roaming around you. kartikeya says what is this now? another headache. Ganesh says brother I have to help him, what do I do? How will gyarahi get salvation? Kartikeya says I know a solution, rather a place which can give gyarahi salvation and free him. gyarahi is happy. Kartikeya says it is kashi! Ganesh says kashi? How?
Kartikeya says I will tell you, kashi is the only place which is free from all destruction, even if the world is destroyed, kashi wont be destroyed nor can it be changed as it was made by our father, mahadev! Kartikeya continues the story and says when the world was just created by the combined powers of mahadev and mata parvati, there was just water everywhere and then the powerful shesh naag took rise and lord Vishnu rested on him as he as in deep sleep. Out of the navel of lord Vishnu, appeared a huge brahmakamal and brahmadev lived on it but as lord Vishnu was in very deep sleep, from the dirt of his ears 2 demons arose named madhu and ketam, mata gave them powers and ordered them to wake lord Vishnu. They did as said but rather their eyes went on brahma dev and so lord Vishnu woke up and he killed them. After that, lord Vishnu and mahadev requested mahadev to establish such a place which would never be destroyed and all their disciples including them could go there and pray to mahadev and devi parvati. So mahadev used his powers and created the place kashi! Kashi is the place which is made entirely by mahadev and only mahadev lives in each minute thing in kashi and in its entirety as well. Ganesh says then we have to go to kashi brother.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya tell parvati they are going to kashi. Parvati says why? mahadev says they are going to help a ghost soul get freedom and salvation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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