Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana telling ganesh the story of the new born baby Rishi durvasa. Ravana says as durvasa rishi was born, he was the living embodiment of anger, because he was born with the traits of mahadev’s complete anger. Ravana then says now I need to stop because I have to complete mahadev’s Pooja, for that I need to offer the divine materials to mahadev. Ravana continues his prayer and says I have to offer bhasma powder to mahadev but for that something needs to be burned. Ravana says there is nothing here, instead I will burn one of my hands and sacrifice it, converting it to bhasma for mahadev’s Pooja. In exasperation, ravana starts burning his hand but ganesh stops him from doing the same and says don’t burn your hand lankesh. Ravana says why ganesh ji? What should I

do then? Ganesh tricks ravana and thinks I will tell him to keep the aatma ling in the river bed as the river bed contains bhasma powder, aatma ling will get established there forever. Ganesh tells ravana the reason as planned. Ravana says that is fine too because river bed has aatma ling in it. ravana steps to keep the aatma ling but ganesh says before that at least complete your story lankesh, I am eager to listen.

The river goddess appears and says ganesh ji and lankesh ravana, I have been cursed here by rishi durvasa and I know what his anger is. I shall continue telling you the story because I have been cursed and stuck in this river. Ganesh says why? what happened? The devi tells the story that many years ago, when rishi durvasa was young in his initial years, he was one day bathing in the river, I was a little girl and was hopping and playing at the river bank, I noticed a rishi bathing in the river and I saw his clothes were on the river bank. So I hid the clothes as I thought it would be fun, the rishi was done bathing and he noticed his clothes had vanished. I started laughing and rishi durvasa saw me, he was furious with rage and I was worried as I saw his anger.

I stopped laughing and rishi durvasa scolded me, he said you should be ashamed little girl you have insulted a rishi by taking his clothes and letting him stand naked in the river, you have done a sin. The devi asked for forgiveness then and said rishi var, I am sorry I was just having fun, please forgive me. rishi durvasa was angry and hence could not be convinced, he cursed the girl that for this sin she would be stuck in the river forever, and she could never go from there, she would stay there until eternity ended. Ganesh hears the story and ravana says this devi is right, rishi durvasa is a short-tempered man and no one can hide themselves from his anger and curses.

PRECAP: All gods are shown enjoying ladies dance & suddenly all ladies vanish & all jewellery ornaments of gods disappear. The gods visit rishi durvasa and plead & ask for forgiveness & rishi durvasa advices them that they have to take part in the samudra manthan to wash off all their sins.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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