Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana handing over the prabhu’s atma ling in hands of the boy who is ganesh in disguise but he tells ravana that I also have to chant mantra of my five chains in hand & also I have to cpmplete my sandya vandan too but as i finish my chanting of mantra I will keep this ling on the ground if you do not return in time & yes says ravana that if I do not come back in time then you can keep on the ground. Ganesh keeps chanting mantra while ravana runs to complete his urine & also sandya vandan & ganesh keeps alarming ravana as he keeps completing one by one chain of mantra chanting & finally as the boy completes his mantra chanting of all chains he is keeping the atma ling of prabhu on the ground & ravana sees & tries to run back as fast as

possible shouting the boy to not to keep on the ground but the bot ultimately keeps on the ground & ravana get wildly angry but the atma ling is settled on the ground. Ravana shows his anger by coming in his original form of his eleven heads. He now reminds of his promise to his rani of bringing prabhu’s atma ling & he is trying to lift the ling by his hands to take out from that ground but the boy tells ravana that you can’t take prabhu’s atma ling to lanka as ravana sees the boy telling him this he understands that it is ganesh itself who has played trick with me.

Ganesh comes in his form & tells ravana that this is what your prabhu mahadev itself wished so please do not try taking out the atma ling from the ground which is warning to you then too he is trying to take out & prabhu mahadev is also surprised & mata gauri is also telling mahadev that ravana is not listening to ganesh & trying to do something wrong which will destroy the world so need to stop him.

Ravana is using all his strength to pluck the atma ling from the ground but ganesh finally give his last warning no to try this or I have to do something to stop you. Ravana tells ganesh that you only tricked me & done wrong play with me. Ganesh comes & shows his original form with various heads around his head with anger.

All gods are also stunned & talk within themselves as ganesh has also being angered & ravana is not listening to ganesh thereby something destructive will happen.

Ravana is also stubborn & wants to pluck & take the ling to lanka. Ganesh kicks ravana by trying to pluck & gets pushed but ravana challenges ganesh also by trying to fight back with ganesh but ganesh keeps kicking & hitting ravana. Ganesh tells ravana that whatever stories of prabhu’s avatar’s you told me were giving lessons of pure devotion towards prabhu & not to disobey the strength given to you by blessings of prabhu but you only itself are forgetting the lessons of prabhu taught you so what kind of devotee you are is showing your image to prabhu also which he is seeing you. So ganesh advices ravana to leave for lanka now without this ling as ling is comfortably settled.

Precap: Ganesh is telling ravana to leave for lanka but ravana prepares for war with ganesh & tells ganesh that he will not leave without atma ling. Mahadev shivshankar is seeing this & saying such intelligent devotee can’t understand what wrong he is doing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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