Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prajapati daksh curses mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh, kashkeya, raja devodas and devi sarla sitting for the first day of the 9 day Navratri. Gunesh says mata sarla and raja devodas, I will today start with the first day of Navratri by telling you the first form of devi adishakti, the first form was mata shailputri and how she was formed.
Raja devodas says okay brahman dev. Gunesh says the story and says mata shailputri appeared after devi sati died. Devi sati died or rather committed suicide by burning herself in the yog agni of her father, prajapati daksh’s yagya. This happened many ages ago, when brahma dev gave his son daksh, the duty of being the prajapati of this universe. Brahma dev made daksh the prajapti and in that event, all gods came with the tridev, mahadev, brahmadev and lord Vishnu. But as devi

sati being the daughter of prajapati daksh, she had married mahadev and daksh was angry about this as he heated mahadev and believed him to be nothing more than an aghori baba who lived dirty amongst ghosts!
Devodas says then what happened?
Gunesh says, prajapati daksh entered his palace as he became the prajapti but then he saw mahadev who was meditating and was so furious that he screamed at mahadev and said what is this aghori doing here? all rishi’s, gods and tridev and everyone else is shocked. prajapti daksh says how dare this aghori come in my palace? He marries my daughter, and then I decided never to see his face then why has he come here? brahma dev says what are you saying son? Daksh says I am saying right father, this is no mahadev he is just a dirt on this earth, he doesn’t deserve my daughter and doesn’t deserve anything. Brahma dev says stop it daksh, he is mahadev and you are crossing your limits. Nandi says daksh! He screams and says I will punish you if you say another word. Daksh says you gan, you all are cheap servants of this aghori, you don’t deserve to live. Prajapati daksh then says I curse your mahadev, he removes water and throws on mahadev and says I curse him that from now all yagya’s and Pooja that will be done, all gods will receive its benefit but not this aghori. Nandi gets very angry.
Daksh then curses nandi as well and says you gann will never receive any benefit of your Pooja and no one will ever remember you all. Nandi gets angry and he screams, he says daksh, I curse you, your head will be cut and you will get the head of a goat, your ego will bring you down to your destruction.
Gunesh says to raja devodas, this way daksh was cursed by nandi ji.

Precap: Gunesh tells the story of prajapati daksh and devi sati. Mahadev does tandav after sati’s death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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