Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev loses his anger.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev getting angry on brahma dev. Mahadev loses his anger and his angry form appears out of him and stands tall, with the trishul in the hand. Mahadev’s anger burns into fire, the third eye of mahadev opens to aim and kill brahma dev. Lord Vishnu is worried. Mahadev stands as his other huge sized form aims at brahma dev and burns with fire on his body.

Brahma dev opens his eyes and he summons a huge form of himself. brahma dev then says mahadev, please forgive me prabhu. I am sorry for what I did because I couldn’t hear anyone, I ask for forgiveness! Please bholenath forgive me, I remember the time when you punished me for my ego and your form Kaal bhairava cut 2 of my heads as punishment. Mahadev angrily says, brahma dev all gods and even Vishnu dev came here

to call you but you still didn’t open your eyes, even I came and still you didn’t open your eyes. You have insulted me as well as everyone. Brahma dev asks for forgiveness and says prabhu, I am ashamed of what I did but this was required!

This has all been written in destiny, it had to happen and whatever happens, happens for a reason. There is a reason behind this event too. Mahadev gets more angry and says brahma dev, your ego made you sit and not respond to anyone, even me. mahadev says for this I shall not kill you, I shall curse you brahma dev! My curse will teach you a lesson.

Parvati is worried. Saraswati says devi, my swami is in danger and if mahadev puts a curse on him no one will be able to take or lessen his curse back. parvati says this is durvasa’s birth but now things have goen out of control, Vishnu dev has to do something and stop mahadev. Saraswati says the divine power of brahma dev and mahadev’s huge avatars are clashing and merging into each other.

As mahadev is about to curse brahma dev, lord Vishnu summons his huge form and stands in between mahadev and brahma dev, thus also merging his own divine power with brahma dev’s and mahadev’s. lord Vishnu says mahadev, bholenath calm down your anger. This had to happen, our powers are merging into each other and this will be the birth of the avatar of us three together, the form of Durvasa. Mahadev understands and he puts water back in the gold pot and smiles. Lord Vishnu says this all happened so that Durvasa can be born as a son to Mata Anusuya, because all 3 of our powers are combined together, we tridev’s power gives birth to Durvasa and mata Anusuya shall be our mother. Mahadev smiles and his anger calms down, he understands. Brahma dev smiles. The powers of mahadev, brahma dev and lord Vishnu turn into 3 individual divine lights and they go inside the stomach of the pregnant, Mata anusuya. Mahadev says brahma dev, this shall combine us three and the first form which shall represent all of us tridev, shall be of Durvasa.

The form shall represent mahadev, as anger, destruction, kindness, brahma dev as patience, calmness and knowledge, and lord Vishnu as love, honesty, creation, intelligence and strength and divinity from all three tridev.

Mata anusuya’s stomach glows as durvasa moves inside the stomach.

Precap: Mata anusuya givs birth to the first tridev form, Rishi durvasa, the most short-tempered form to be ever born on earth.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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