Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganesh is talking with lankesh ravana about all these stories gives only one lesson that whoever prays their prabhu with pure heart are always blessed by him. Ravana & ganesh are praying prabhu yathinath purely & prabhu mahadev in disguise of yathinath immerges. They pray prabhu & ravana tells prabhu now permit me to take this atma ling & prabhu tells him to do Sandhya vandan before leaving. Ganesh understands the trick of mahadev & thinks how to stop ravana but ravana tells ganesh that I am leaving now to lanka & he jumps. Ganesh also jumps to go behind ravana. Ravana is welcomed by his rani & he keeps atma ling of prabhu on a stone to settle in lanka. A large mountain is converted out of the ling. Ganesh feels he is late to stop ravana

to settle atma ling as this will lead to huge destruction in this world.

Mahadev & gauri mata also talk seeing this as this will destroy the world so shivshankar mahadev starts to play his damru to stop this. Ganesh is talking within himself that this is terrific & will create destruction & is blaming himself that he is unable to stop ravana to make settle prabhu’s atma ling at lanka but ravana calls ganesh & ganesh says yes & suddenly he realizes that he was dreaming about all this happening in future & thanks himself that nothing has still happened & ravana is still with me & not left for lanka.

Ravana says that now he has to leave & will do sandya vandan at lanka itself by reaching there but ganesh tells him that prabhu mahadev’s avatar has told you to do sandya vandan & then only proceed so a big devotee like you will never disobey his instructions & yes says ravana that I have to do sandya vandan here only or prabhu will get angry. Ravana is also feeling within himself to go to urine as he is uncomfortable & to handover prabhu’s atma ling in ganesh’s hands as if he keeps anywhere else then the ling will settle down here only. But ravana is again thinking to not keep faith in ganesh & ganesh is also thinking that it is good ravana is feeling uncomfortable as wishes to go to urine or my trick would have failed. Ganesh now thinks of new trick & tells ravana that this was very nice to travel with for long till your end path & hence ganesh tells ravana that he has to leave now & thanks ravana to telling him all the stories while in travel with you & asks ravana to give him his kalash to leave & ravana gives happily.

Ganesh leaves & ravana is feeling pain in stomach as he wants to go for urine. He calls for help & thinks of keeping ling on a stone but remembers about mahadev telling him if he keeps this anywhere then the ling will settle down there itself. Ravana stops & waits if anybody coming & actually ganesh is hiding behind a bush & seeing all these things happening with him.

A boy in form of sadhu comes there & ravana thinks if he can be kept trust on but ravana stops him & the boy asks ravana why he has stopped & ravana tells him he requires help from him & boy asks ravana if he helps him what he will give in return then ravana tells him I will give you all I have these jewellery on my body & he becomes happy & tells ravana that while you are doing sandya vandan I also have to do my mantra chanting with this chain I am holding & is this atma ling so heavy to lift then ravana is surprised by this boy saying as atma ling so how he knew it is prabhu’s atam ling & ravana asks the boy how you knew this is prabhu’s atma ling then the boy is actually ganesh only in disguise so he becomes stunned by ravana might understand his slip of tongue then the boy in return immediately answers him that if at all I am small boy then too I am not a fool to understand this that you must be holding an important atma ling only, right. Then ravana is satisfied by his answer & tells the boy to please hold this ling in your hands comfortably & not to keep anywhere till I come back immediately. Ravana is running towards the sea to do sandya vandan.

Precap: The boy is seen keeping the ling on the ground & ravana is running back towards the boy seeing this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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