Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: The gods get egoistic.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev saying parvati stop you cannot come in Kailash, because of this lion. Gauri says but why swami? This lion is somnandi and he has protected me during my meditation and served me. mahadev says because I set some rules in Kailash and it will be against the rules if the lion is allowed to live here. parvati says but why swami? Mahadev says in Kailash I set rules that only my gan shall be allowed to live here and no other animal, nandi is a cow and there are cows in Kailash. Before the lion being a violent animal had killed a mother cow and committed a sin, so he cannot be allowed. Parvati says somnandi ji did that sin before he came under my sharan, he has become my disciple now and he protected me in the forest while I meditated, thus being my disciple he has become my animal now. kartikeya says but mother, how will a cow and a lion live peacefully? Parvati says kartikeya, the way mayur ji was a demon before but he became your disciple and your vahan and in the holy land of Kailash, no violence lives! Everyone lives in peace, and even somnandi has changed and he shall live in peace with everyone.
Mahadev smiles and says I allow somnandi to live in Kailash. Mata gauri is welcomed in Kailash as flowers are sprayed on her.
Kartikeya says to raja devodas, mata gauri’s form was not only for its beauty and divya avatar, but it had a much greater purpose.
In the story, the gods return to swarg lok after winning against the demons and defeating them. Indra dev says once again under devraj indra’s rule, we have gained victory and these demons deserve to be punished. The minister says now as the demons have been defeated, they have retreated and now are scared of the gods, now they live in patal lok and wont come any soon. Indra dev says but we shouldn’t let them live, we will kill them. Vishwakarma ji says but indra dev, the demons are in peace then it is not right to attack them and kill them. Indra dev says everyone knows the demons never live in peace and keeping them alive is wrong, we shall kill them all and instill fear in them, they wont ever think of going against the gods and this world and attack swarg lok. The gods say yes, we shall kill them.
Devi gauri sees this and says the gods have gained an ego, and this ego will bring them down to failure and defeat by the demons, I have to teach them a lesson. Gauri goes.
In swarg lok, she appears outside in a huge form of fire power. The light hits everyone’s eyes and indra dev gets angry and says who is this mayavi powers? Mata gauri says come out and face me. indra dev says vayu dev go and see who it is and whatever maya it is, destroy her. Vayu dev comes out.
Vayu dev says you mayavi Shakti, why have you come here? the demons were defeated just now, haven’t you got a lesson or do you want to die? Mata gauri says you think you are very powerful? Vayu dev says do you know who I am? I am vayu dev, I am very powerful and can kill you, I give life to this universe. Gauri says if you are so powerful then move this twig on the ground. Vayu dev says are you joking with me? gauri says do it if you have powers. Vayu dev says I will show you now, vayu dev uses his powers on the twig and his vayu Shakti but it doesn’t move. Vayu dev is shocked and he destroys a mountain. Gauri says I told you to move the twig and not destroy the mountain. Vayu dev tries again but fails. Gauri says go ad tell the gods to come here and move the twig if they think they are so powerful. Vayu dev goes and tells indra dev and everyone. Devraj and everyone is furious and indra dev says I will destroy that maya Shakti and that twig now.

Precap: all gods come and use their powers on the twig but fail to move it and fail to recognize mata gauir’s avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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