Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Kartik acquires bracelet power from mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev immerging to bless kartik & all & he tells kartik that you have achieved all blessings but do you know knowledge of storm power & he is thinking so mahadev tells him i’ll give you complete blessings until you understand storm powers while the evil goat is fighting with raja as he is destroying earth as senapati too watches & says now we won’t leave him as he is shouting the world in under my legs while senapati tells his sons to go & attack him. They are fighting with the goat while goat is throwing fire powers towards them throwing them on the ground. Senapati says he is not simple evil but powerful one so to sustain him till kartik achieves storm powers.
Ganesh tells kartik how to answer mahadev you think now & he is thinking saying under me my form of storm so kartik is blowing storm power from mahadev & mahadev asks him to say the mantra while he is thinking.
The evil goat is fighting with senapati & sons.
Kartik answers mahadev correctly & mahadev praises him blessing him with a bracelet on his hands. All are praying mahadev.
Senapati is fighting with evil goat taking name of swaminatha & jumps towards goat’s mouth. The evils are delighted seeing senapati into problems but senapati fights with goat to make him fall down but goat gets up again shouting world under my legs.
Kartik comes near senapati seeing who this goat is & says now i’ll kill him while evil says now kartik’s end is near & devsena feels some problems towards kartik & prays prabhu to take care about this situation.
Kartik is warning goat while dev rishi comes telling kartik to forgive me but this creation is because of me as how he got immerged but ganesh tells him don’t blame yourself as there is some reason behind this to happen but results will be positive. Kartik shoots his arrow towards him hitting him but he eats the arrow shouting world under my legs so ganesh thinks what he is saying while kartik also says there must be puzzle behind his statement & are searching his puzzle answer while kartik is moving ahead & evil goat is flowing fire from him mouth towards kartik & kartik says nothing will happen to me with this fire & they are fighting with each other as kartik says now the world won’t be under your legs.
Kartik cuts his legs with his sword but legs come again & kartik is confused while evil says you cannot solve this but kartik thinks to cut his all legs in one shot & accordingly cuts as evil goat is killed & all praise him while evils are shocked. Ganesh says there is something which is lacking behind as this is not complete end of evil while evils too say that they still do not know what will happen next & kartik says impossible should be converted into possible as no evil power can face me.
The goat is again getting up & attacking kartik while all gods are shocked to see & devsena too feels scared as her candle light is shaken so she prays mata & prabhu to let my fast complete comfortably while mata tells her to not to worry as i’ll definitely help you & she is delighted to hear mata’s voice as mata comes to tell her that i’ll support you to complete your fast comfortably.
Kartik tries to stop his fire with the bracelet powers & it stops so he gets clue now i can face him to stop his fire & will kill him.

Precap: To see kartik’s marriage celebrations including ganesh, mata & mahadev

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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