Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh does tandav.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhom heading towards Kailash. As he walks ahead, everything with him turns red as the sky turns red.
In Kailash, all people are enjoying and parvati feeds ganesh sweets and other delicious food items. Saraswati and laxmi say devi parvati, let us also feed ganesh or will you alone keep feeding him? parvati laughs and says of course devi, come. Saraswati and laxmi come with sweet plates in their hands and ganesh sits. Devi sachi thinks even I want to have the honor and happiness of feeding ganesh ji.
Yamraj thinks what do I do? Thinking of not telling devi parvati and mahadev was my wrong decision, I am dharmaraj Yam dev and I have to follow my dharma and duty even though whatever it is, I have to tell devi parvati. Yamraj says devi parvati! Parvati says yes yamraj. Devi sachi then says mata, even I want to feed ganesh ji sweets. Parvati says yes devi sachi please come. Ganesh smiles and devi sachi takes a plate. Saraswati says devi laxmi first you feed ganesh, laxmi says no devi first you feed him. devi sachi says oh devi laxmi and saraswati, are you deciding or should I feed ganesh ji? Yamraj thinks what do I do? There is so much going on, I am not getting a chance to tell mata.
There bhom comes to kailash’s entrance and he looks at Kailash and says so this is my father’s house, here he lives and he did not even care for me, he doesn’t even know about me! He has forgotten me. Suddenly a small light comes out of bhom’s red body and this light is of anger, it goes and enters ganesh’s body. Ganesh is suddenly smitten by something and before anyone feeds him anything, he eats all the sweets in the plates by sucking it with his trunk. Devi sachi is shocked. parvati then says what did you do ganesh? Devi sachi wanted to feed you with love, you ate it all by yourself. After some time ganesh becomes normal and he says mother I don’t know what happened, maybe I was hungry and I couldn’t wait so I ate all sweets. Parvati and everyone smile and ganesh says please feed me devi sachi and devi saraswati and laxmi. They all feed ganesh as he enjoys the sweets. Yamraj again tries and says mata parvati, suddenly kartikeya starts playing a dhol. Everyone look at this and enjoy. Ganesh gets up and says brother, you play the dhol and I will play the damru. Ganesh takes the damru and joins kartikeya, he plays damru. Indra dev says it is exciting to see both mahadev’s sons compete with each other in playing their instruments. Everyone enjoy.
Bhom there enters Kailash and as he comes everything turns red and the animals of all gods start making noises. Bhom comes towards the entrance of the palace. Nandi hears the sounds of god’s animals and says totla gadsar, do you hear that? gadsar says yes, the dhol and damru are playing but something is disturbing the animals. Nandi says lets go and see, nandi and gadsar go out of the palace and they see bhom coming, they are affected by his red body and anger and they come out and stop bhom. Nandi says who are you? bhom says I have come here to meet mahadev, I am his son. Nandi says are you mad? Do you know who mahadev is? He has only 2 sons, kumar kartikeya and pratham pujya ganesh ji, look at them both and look at you, you look so foolish with your 4 hands and red body. Bhom says you both are mahadev’s gan and are so rude? Bhom thinks these gan are certainly very rude and arrogant. Bhom says I am mahadev’s son bhom, I was born from him and I want to meet my father today. Gadsar says so what if you are bhom? What king of a name is bhom? You cannot come here, go away it is ganesh ji’s birthday today and all people are enjoying, you wont be allowed between such great people. Bhom gets angry and another light comes out and enters ganesh’s body, he is affected and he starts praying the damru with all anger. Kartikeya says what happened to ganesh? Why is he including competition and anger in this play? This is just for enjoyment. Ganesh then starts playing the damru with all his power and he starts doing tandav. All people are shocked as they see ganesh doing tandav.
There bhom says let me in you rude gan, you cannot stop me from meeting my father. Nandi says yes we can, if you don’t listen then you have to fight me. Bhom says I will come back again, you both will see me. Bhom goes and all the anger goes with him and everything turns normal. Nandi says gadsar what did we do? That decent man had come to meet mahadev and we were so rude with him, what happened to us? Gadsar says yes even I did not understand as we just insulted him, no one can be stopped from coming to Kailash. All disciples are welcome here but we were so arrogant. Nandi and gadsar go inside the palace.
There ganesh lands down on ground with a thud by doing the tandav and he stops. Everyone is shocked and worried and kartikeya says what happened ganesh? Ganesh says I don’t know brother, maybe I did this only because I was hungry. Everyone become calm and ganehs eats more food, brahma dev and lord Vishnu then say this celebration was so much fun. Parvati says yes, I thank you all gods and goddesses for coming to the feast and ganesh’s birthday, you have all made this celebration great by your presence. Everyone then go. in the end yamraj and devi Priyanka come. Yamraj thinks I shouldn’t tell now. yamraj and devi priyank take mahadev’s blessings. Mahadev says yamraj, do you know who is my most favorite god amongst everyone? Yamraj asks who? Mahadev says it is you yamraj, because you are not only the god of yam lok and death, you are also the dharma raj! You are the one who has always followed his dharma at all times and done his duty, you have never stepped back from doing what is right and from doing your duty, that is what impresses me about you. mahadev goes. Yamraj and priyank are then going and yamraj thinks yes I am the dharma raj and I have to follow my dharma, mahadev believes in me so much and I cannot let his trust down, I have to tell mata parvati.
Mata parvati looks at yamraj and thinks it seems like yamraj wants to tell me something since long time but he is troubled about something.

Precap: Yamraj tells parvati, mata forgive me but I tried telling you since I came here but I did not find a chance. Ganesh ji’s life is in danger again on this same day of his birth like last year, when his head was cut by mahadev. Chandra dev makes fun of ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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