Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Shankchur faces mahadev in battlefield.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Asoor guru & shankchur’s father are shouting him saying what you did this by challenging mahadev & his army which will destroy you but he smiles.
All are getting ready with mahadev & jatayu is calling mata as well as 33 crore gods to join mahadev to fight against shankchur.
Tulsi says I’ll arrange pooja for safety of my husband immediately.
Ganesh & kartik also comes praying mahadev while all gods are also joining mahadev. Shankchur wonders seeing how I could do this mistake to challenge such huge army & his father asks him see what you have done but he ignores saying once I have decided I do not take back my words so I’ll too arrange my army of all kinds which will face them & they will get scared seeing our powerful army.
Shankchur comes telling tulsi to arrange for my pooja as I have challenged mahadev but tulsi asks him why you did this & he tells her it’s important for me which is my duty towards my asoor family then too she tells him you have challenged ultimate powerful ie. mahadev but he tells her to be calm & only perform your duty towards your husband by devoting & meditating for his safety which is your test now & she also says I’ll keep my devotion definitely towards my husband & this is my test for you.
Paravati mata tells mahadev to not to take ganesh but mahadev tells her it’s need of ganesh as he will show us his brilliance in our path.
Mahadev tells ganesh now we’ll perform your pooja first before proceeding for any work while tulsi & shankchur also pray for vasudeo shri Krishna.
Mahadev & all are performing pooja with prayers of ganesh to take blessings from him to complete future task successfully.
Tusli & shankchur also performing pooja with prayers of vasudeo narayan to get success in her husband’s future task.
Tulsi is asking blessings from vasudeo saying you have to support my devotion towards you for safety of my husband & if this blown candle lights again then I’ll feel you will bless my husband for his win & the candle lights making both of them glad. Tulsi tells shankchur I’ll keep praying unless you don’t win & return while ganesh also blesses mahadev & army that may you succeed in your task.
Dev rishi asks Krishna how is this possible at one side ganesh blesses mahadev & all of winning & other side tulsi gets blessings so Krishna says what tulsi said is right & he asks what so Krishna tells him she said whatever will happen will be accepted & dev rishi is confused.
Shankchur comes in the battlefield while huge storm evil god also comes to support shankchur due to his enmity with mahadev who had killed his father so to take revenge & shankchur is happy with his support saying once I need I’ll call you till then you’ll hide.
All are moving ahead from either sides. Shankchur sees mahadev & feels about his devotion towards mahadev so he gets down to bend for taking blessings from mahadev while his father tries to stop him then too he asks mahadev to accept his prayers & bless him to give him understanding to fight this war as per ethics & mahadev blesses him but all gods are confused about mahadev’s positive approach towards shankchur. Shankchur challenges saying I’ll show my powers now as you have blessed shankchur & goes on his rath.
Kartik asks permission from mahadev to allow him to go first but mahadev stops him let our army go & test him while shankchur orders his army to attack & shankchur says seeing kartik that may be devsena kartik is scared but kartik too challenges him saying to not become so egoistic & I’ll send such army to attack you which will affect powers of your army.
Tulsi is performing prayers for safety of her husband.
Walli asks ganesh what kind of army is this & he explains her it’s the army which destroys eyesight of people & it’s happening accordingly destroying his army while his father tells him why are you not doing anything as our army is getting destroyed but he calms saying let them use their powers while I’ll study them what they are liable to do. He also says I have security guard within me which I have achieved which will never kill & defeat me.
Kartik thinks what kind of plan shankchur has as still he isn’t attacking inspite his army getting destroyed while ganesh says he has his security guard for which he feels safe but he does not understand above all there is always one power which has its own way to kill.

Precap : Mahadev’s another form of power shouts shankchur saying enough of your powers & now I’ll kill you & shoots his sword hitting shankchur directly in his chest while his father shouts for him & tulsi shakes seeing candle might get blown?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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