Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Bhudevi marries Prabhu Narayan’s Avatar Waraha.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu Narayan emerging in his form to show evil Hiranyaksh who he is but that evil still has ego saying this is just a trick what he is watching but he won’t stop his attack towards Bhudevi while Prabhu again comes in form of avatar Waraha & tells him he can’t be able to attack her now but evil tries hence avatar Waraha attacks his Sudarshan chakra & the evil Hiranyaksh holds the chakra while all of them are wondering how could he hold Prabhu’s chakra & evil says this chakra he’ll use to attack Bhudevi but avatar Waraha attacks him piercing his tooth in his stomach & beheading him with the same chakra resulting in his death & Waraha takes his soul into him.

All of them praise avatar Waraha while he watches Bhudevi weeping hence asks her why she is crying now when the evil is dead & she praises him for saving her with his powers lifting her on his tooth so puts her wish to marry her & they both get married & later giving birth to a child who was named Narkasoor by Waraha on request of Bhudevi but Waraha says he has to leave now because he has taken avatar hence he won’t be able to live with her but Bhudevi asks him this name seems to be somewhat weird which might bring evil behavior in him & Waraha says he has felt evil existence in him but if she takes care properly then he won’t become evil & takes leave from her.

Ganeshji asks Brahmadev if Narkasoor was born to Bhudevi & Waraha then how he became evil & Brahmadev says it was in his future life due to which he became evil because while upbringing him by Bhudevi she wasn’t allowing him to go out of the Ashram due to evil surrounding in that area where they stayed.

Narkasoor grows up while Bhudevi takes care of him a lot but he asks her why she never allowed him to go out & she says here only they both are like each other hence nobody is here like them. Once she goes to bring some materials from village but warns Narkasoor to not to go out of Ashram while he tells her to bring sweet fruits for him so she tells him to do meditation till time she arrives. Narkasoor sits for meditation but hears some voice talking within each other hence he moves out to see but finds some boys stealing fruits & they are trying to run away from the owner of the farm who is catching them. Narkasoor uses his trick to push stone with his leg by which the owner falls down & those boys are saved.

All those boys gather to distribute fruits in themselves but one them asks who saved them & Narkasoor comes to tells them he saved. They are introducing themselves while Narkasoor requests them to make them their friend but one them is son of an Asoor who tells him thy are Asoors so he has to prove himself behaving like them & gives him chance to allow them to steal in his own house & he allows them but takes promise from that boy he’ll make him also his friend with others & the boy hugs him & all of them go on behaving evil troubling helpless people stealing & deliberately using their powers on them.

Bhudevi wonders thinking where Narkaoor has gone but he returns holding fruits & she scolds him saying she never thought he would steal in his own house but he says she had also lied him telling nobody is like them here but lot of boys he found & she says she taught him correct because this whole area is covered with evil Asoor people & he says he has also become like them now which he wished life like this but Bhudevi is trying to explain him while he is adamant on his evil behavior stand.

Precap: Brahmadev says Narkasoor sat for deep meditation of Prabhu Narayan to achieve his goal reaching towards Mata Kamakshya but Ganesh asks he sat for Prabhu Narayan’s meditation then how he got boon from Mata Kamakshya?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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