Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya go to kashi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying ruru’s son durgamasura with devi of ved. Ganesh says mama Vishnu, durgamasura has taken the devi of ved captive, and because of that all gods are dying as their powers are bound with the devi of ved as well. Indra dev and all gods are weak and fragile and dying. Ganesh says here even rishi jageshwar’s problem has not been solved and mata adishakti is also still staying without father! If durgamasura has to be defeated, then the solution is father only! If father is allowed inside kashi, only he and mata adishakti can together defeat durgamasura but for that I and brother kartikeya have to do something, otherwise soon the gods will be dead and even rishi jageshwar, then everyone would be a part of the sin of brahma hatya and even devi ved will never be

saved from durgamasura.
Lord Vishnu says but ganesh, will raja devodas let mahadev inside kashi?even though he is a great disciple of mahadev, but what are you going to do?. Ganesh says raja devodas’s wife is in kashi and I and brother will go to her, she and raja devodas will always welcome anyone inside kashi as they are very kind and follow dharma, I have an idea in my mind. Ganesh and kartikeya go.
There devi ved says to durgamasura, demon how dare you take me captive? durgamasura says I have the power to keep you captive here as no one can defeat me, only mahadev and adishakti’s power together can kill me but even they wont come together as mahadev isn’t allowed in kashi! So you are staying here in my palace. Devi ved says how dare you do that? devi ved thinks, because I am trapped, the gods must have become weak, prabhu ganesh ji please do something.
There ganesh and kartikeya come inside kashi and ganesh says brother, do as I say, disguise as brahman. Kartikeya says okay and ganesh and kartikeya both disguise as young brahmins. They enter the kashi palace entrance and there raja devodas’s wife sees the brahmins. She comes with some women with flowers and coconuts to welcome the Brahmin. The wife says brahman devta, who are you? how did you come to kashi? Ganesh says devi, I know who you are and how you were married to raja devodas, when you were young you have always been a disciple of brahma dev and as a teenage girl you prayed to brahma dev and asked him for a blessing, that you be married to that person who truly deserves you and whom you truly deserve and who always follows dharma! Brahma dev blessed you and thus after years you were happily married to raja devodas! The wife says, how did you know all this brahman devta? You are great! I have never spoken of this to anyone ever but you already knew it. the wife says please come inside you both brahmin’s, my husband raja devodas will be very happy to welcome you great souls inside kashi and our palace.
Ganesh smiles and kartikeya thinks what a plan! They both go.

Precap: Ganesh and kartikeya pray to mata adishakti and say mata give us blessings, father has to be brought here anyhow as only you both can stop durgamasura and save many souls together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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