Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata adi shakti protects daruk and his demons.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods saying daruk you will be punished. Daruk says what are you doing on my earth? And threatening me? Indra dev says your earth? You evil demon, you will be killed so you rather go back to rasatal lok or die. Daruk says my soldiers, defeat these gods and make them your food and slaves. Daruk laughs. All demons head towards the gods. Indra dev and all gods remove their weapons and attack their powers on the demon soldiers. All attacks hit the soldiers and they are blown up and burst into ashes. Daruk is shocked. More demon soldiers come from the forest and attack the gods. Indra dev and all gods attack these soldiers with power from their weapons. Daruk gets angry and daruka sees this.
Daruk says you gods, go away otherwise you will have to suffer. Suryadev says you evil demon, you will be killed. Daruk says I will take you slaves. Daruk removes his weapon of chains and then attacks it on the gods. Indra dev attacks from his Vajra astra, its power hits the weapon of chains and it flies and hits the throne of daruk and bursts. Daruk gets up angrily. Daruka then comes and closes her eyes and says you gods will now learn your lesson, you shall all become our slaves, I am the queen of earth and my swami, daruk is the king of earth. Indra dev says they have declared themselves rulers of earth, they shall be punished. Indra dev and all gods come together. Daruka prays to mata adishakti for her, daruk and her demons protection. The demon soldiers surround indra dev and all gods.
Indra dev says lets teach these demons a lesson, and punish them. Indra dev attacks on daruk again with his weapon, this time suddenly a shield appears around the forest, daruk, daruka and all demon soldiers. Indra dev says what is this? Mata adishakti appears and protects everyone. Vayu dev says what do we do now? Mata adishakti is protecting these evil demons. Indra dev says yes, I am shocked too.
Mata kali says to ganesh, I am the mother of all, everyone was born from me and I am everyone’s mata! Even the demons were born from me only, this way everyone were my children, daruka had taken a wish from me but she used it for the wrong cause and for adharma! But I also gave the gods a way to save everyone even though I was protecting the demons.
There indra dev and all gods attack the demons but they are surrounded by the demons. All gods say what do we do now? We cannot defeat these demons while mata adi Shakti protects them. Indra dev says yes that is right.
Daruk says now what will you do devraj? How will you fight me? Indra dev says daruk, you call yourself a king, I am the king of gods, come and fight me with bare hands and I shall destroy you. Daruk steps down and accepts the challenge. Both indra dev and daruk have a duel fight and they fly in the sky and then fight in the clouds. Daruk kicks and throws indra dev who hurls towards earth. Indra dev falls down on earth, he gets up again. Daruk laughs.

Precap: indra dev and all gods go to a rishi, a very powerful rishi who can save all rishi’s and humanity. The rishi comes and says I will destroy you demons, even though mata Shakti protects you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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