Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Mahadev explains evil’s story who has taken away indra’s son.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra pleading mata paravati for help & we all gods were helpless to save him.
Indra & gods are fighting with the evil hands to free his son from his clutches but could not save him.
Indra is explaining mata how his son was cluthed & so to save him as i itself am blamed for this then ganesh asks him how come you are blamed so he explains that he had done wrong against wishes of mahadev so he had cursed me so it’s only now mahadev who can save my child. Mata paravati calms him telling him everything will be alright & your son will be safe. Indra keeps challenge that whoever saves my son then I’ll marry my daughter devsena who can only be powerful. Ganesh tells indra to not to worry as this can only be done by kumar kartik & he will bring back your son safely also mata paravati too says that it’ll be kartik itself only who can save & tell ganesh that to bring kartik convincing him.
Ganesh comes to kartik while he asks him what happened as have you come to trick me & trying to convince me for marriage because I cannot come except if any important work is there so ganesh tells him it is right that there is some important work so what he asks then ganesh tells him indra is in problems so he ask how come or are you trying to fool me then ganesh tells him mata too has called you so he gets happy hearing this that mata has called me so he leaves. Indra tells him his problems as mata too tells him I have promised him too so he tells mata if this is your order then I’ll definitely accept this & convinces mata that I’ll definitely bring his son from the clutches of evil & takes blessings from mata while mahadev also comes to bless kartik & explains him who this evil is as sooravansh so ganesh asks who is this & mahadev explains an evil woman’s son whose father asoor raja was killed by all gods including indra so his daughter soorasahi had taken this oath to attack with her powers towards all gods.
The evil soorasahi takes oath of destroying all gods from all eight brahmands while all gods & goddesses are shocked to hear this from mahadev.
Her guru comes explaining her to not to do this now or you will also be destroyed by these gods but to acquire such evil power whom all gods will be shocked & they should not know this.
Mahadev explains she had become very arrogant to take revenge of her father while soorasahi takes oath again & again to destroy all gods.

Precap: Soorasahi’s evil son comes to complete his mother’s oath & mahadev tells them this is her soorasahi’s son who has taken away indra’s son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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