Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik throws away his parents from their own house.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pundalik while leaving Malti wakes up seeing him & asking where he is going & he gets scared but diverts her attention saying that I wear this costume when I feel comfortable. Malti finds her jewellery missing hence thinks it may be that Pundalik is going to the same woman it seems. She tells him to sleep but he takes name of Chandrakala telling her to sleep & she feels shocked thinking it means her name is Chandrakala.
Chandrakala is waiting eagerly for Pundalik to come soon while Pundalik sees his Prabhu saying within himself that it must be you who did this & intimates him that he’ll definitely go to meet Chandrakala.
Rukimini tells Shri Krishna that your devotee is showing his egoistic behaviour of telling you that he’ll meet that woman & he says that is he is choosing that way then God also is helpless to stop his devotee.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that inspite Pundalik doing so many mistakes why Prabhu was always giving him chance & he tells him that it’s Prabhu’s duty to bring his devotee on right path which is a test for his Prabhu also.
Some Brahman’s are coming singing Bhajan’s & prayers of Prabhu while Pundalik & Malti are sleeping but Pundalik becomes restless hearing the sound. Pundalik’s parents see them & bring some food & wealth materials to donate them but Pundalik comes in anger & stops them shouting to not to give anything to them. His parents tell him that they are Brahman’s who are God’s angels hence we get blessings from them instead he is shouting them to stop misusing wealth this way.
Shri Krishna & Rukmini watch him in anger & emotionally towards his parents too facing such kind of treatment from their son.
Diwakar intervenes telling him that why are you shouting them but it’s you who kept on misusing wealth to give anywhere but Pundalik slaps him for not having rights to speak in the middle. Again he tells him why you are stopping my mouth when you have done wrong but again he tries to slap him while his father holds his hands. Pundalik again abuses his father telling him that if you are so much concerned about Diwakar then take him away with you & his father is shocked to hear suck kind of words from him.
Shri Krishna & Rukmini are shocked hearing such behaviour & says that he is crossing all limits now.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that he was about to cross his limits insulting his parents & Brahmans.
Malti instigates Pushpadant more & more against his parents & he shouts him to leave this house hence you’ll stay or I’ll stay in this house now & they becomes so much depressed that his father tells him that you have lost all your senses it seems.
Main Brahman also tells him that this is crime of throwing your parents out of their own house inviting such punishment which you mustn’t have thought but he insults them also telling them to leave from here.
Brahman’s leave while Pundalik’s parents are also leaving but he stops them telling that take away your Gopala also or how’ll he breathe here. Shri Krishna is shocked while his parents are stunned. Pundalik brings Gopala & gives them while they take & leave but Malti tells her mother in law to give away the keys of wealth boxes & she takes away from her. Pundalik also stops Diwakar & gives his idol of Prabhu Shri Krishna to take away & thinks that now he is free to meet Chandrakala.
Rukmini says that he is still thinking of meeting Chandrakala which is ruthless behaviour while Shri Krishna says that also he who throws away his parents from their house invites huge punishment in life going ahead & closing all doors for forgiveness.
Chandrakala plans seeing something which Pundalik had gifted her & tells her mother to call Dayakar to plan for reminding Pundalik about her while her mother is trying to stop her then too she is adamant.
Malti finds Ghungroo in Pundalik’s costume & feels depressed crying for him hence she asks him what this is & are you so much attracted to that woman or is it that I am not so beautiful but he getting scared diverts her attention telling that he was about to throw this way from his life forever & she believes him.

Precap: Malti shows Pundalik to see how beautiful this is while he tells her that I’ll gift you & he goes out thinking now I have to go & meet Chandrakala to gift her hence goes to steal wealth in disguise of a thief in other’s house but there too his parent’s are sleeping & his father asks him who is it while he feels scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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