Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Mahadev names paravati’s child as gunesh.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dev rishi narad informing sindhu that his end has taken birth & he falls in confusion.
Mahadev explains mata paravati how lucky she is to have maganadhipati as her child while dev rishi is detailing him that the child is none other than mahadev & mata paravarti’s.
Mahadev gives him name as gunesh telling paravati that he’ll end all evils in this world & accordingly dev rishi also tells him the same.
All are praising child gunesh while sindhu challenging the child towards dev rishi as he takes leave from him instigating him against the child gunesh & sindhu takes oath of creating terror at rishi’s ashram.
Mata paravati & mahadev are blessing gunesh while devi ahilya & rishi gautom also blesses him.
Narayan is dictating story to devi laxmi as she asks why dev rishi narad dis this & he tells her he has some reason for this which helps to get evils killed.
Sindhu calls his eagle asoor to create a poisonous asoor through a rishi’s body to attack gunesh & he leaves for his job.
Mata paravati is searching child gunesh who is not seen by her anywhere while Krishna also says let him play with her. Paravati reaches in a jungle searching as gunesh calls her & she finds her. Mata gets annoyed with her asking where were you & all ashram people also come searching him while devi ahilya says see here is gunesh & she also asks him where were you for so much time & he tells mata paravati that i was bringing these flowers for mata & father which they love as mata paravati gets emotional while mahadev explains him what would had happened if for some time you wouldn’t had being found then mata paravati would had created furore in this entire world & gunesh assures him will not happen next time.
Mata paravati puts her conditions to gunesh telling without permission you will never do anything but gunesh asks her with whom I’ll play here then as nobody is here to play with me but devi ahilya tells him you can play with other children’s & she calls them introducing gunesh to them & telling them to play with him. Gunesh sits & asks them to tell what we should play & they are advising him lot of games but he ignores all giving reasons due to which mata will get angry which i do not wish to as mata paravati & devi ahilya appreciate his thoughts but other woman helpers talk wrong about him saying he is giving stupid reasons so how come this child will save us from evil sindhu’s terror while eagle is coming towards gunesh as he gets signal.
Children’s are playing with gunesh hide & seek while that asoor reaches there seeing them & he is searching gunesh as a girl child also searching gunesh playing with him. Gunesh hiding behind a tree as asoor eagle sees him but gunesh is caught by girl & comes out telling her i was caught due to my stomach which is wrong but she tells him it’s your problem of stomach but again he hides & another child searching him playing hide & seek as gunesh hides in bushes while asoor eagle tries to catch him but gunesh understands & comes out of the bushes getting caught as asoor gets stuck in bushes & the child who caught got confused what is happening in bushes but gunesh diverts his attention.
Gunesh sees devi ahilya eating laddoo bhog after praying mahaganadhipati’s idol & ahilya understands so she hides & also tells gunesh that its yesterday’s which was not to throw so i ate but you all will get fresh laddoos. Children’s are blaming gunesh saying you created hunger of sweets due to this as gunesh sitting under tree & from top honey bees are dropping honey on gunesh’s feet which he does not understand & one by one children’s pluck drops from his feet to eat but gunesh asks them why are you eating from my feet & they tell him we are told you are an avatar so what’s the harm in it.
Devi ahilya appreciating gunesh’s knowledge by which all children’s will become knowledgeable & thinks to inform this to mata paravati also.

Precap : Gunesh playing with children’s who are running seeing the bee web being harmed to flow them getting scared by it while gunesh also follows them saying i too am coming but the asoor eagle is following gunesh while mata paravati & devi ahilya are watching.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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