Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Daruk comes on earth.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the story continuing. There daruka says swami daruk, don’t worry about reaching earth, I will take everyone on earth. Daruk says yes my wife. Daruka then closes her eyes and remembers the wish that mata Shakti gave her, that the forest would go wherever she went with her people. Daruka then uses her powers and picks the land of entire forest in the air with all demon army. Demons say what is happening? Daruk says my wife has used the wish given to her by devi Shakti. Daruka takes everyone towards earth.
On earth some rishi’s are praying and doing a yagya. Some rishi’s suddenly get up while the main rishi still sits and does yagya. The other rishi’s see a landmass coming on earth and say, what is that? What is coming from the sky? All rishi’s get up shocked. The forest lands on the ground of earth and daruka opens her eyes and says see we are on earth. All demon soldiers get down from the land onto earth. The main rishi gets up too and says what is happening? Who are they? And how did our yagya fail, its fire went out? Daruk and daruka sit on the throne in the forest and look at all rishi’s. the rishi’s say who are you? Main rishi says I know, these are demons and they live in another lok, but how did they dare to come on earth? Daruk says I am demon king daruk and from now I am your king too, you will all serve me as from now I rule earth. The rishi says you are not our king, the only one whom we serve is our god and no one else, you are just a demon and mata bhuwaneshwari has allotted everyone their planets and homes according to their mindset, how did you dare to come on earth? Daruk laughs and says that is only our mindset, we are demons and we steal everything. Daruk says I have come to rule over earth and from this moment it is mine. Daruk tells his soldiers, go my demon soldiers and make these rishi’s your food, make them your slaves and rule over everyone on this planet. The demons go and attack the rishi’s as they scream in pain and try to defend themselves. Rishi’s say god please help us, protect us please!
The rishi’s say who will protect us now? Prabhu please protect us.
Ganesh says mata your disciples and all humans and rishi’s on earth were calling you for protection? Didn’t you protect them? Mata kali says I was testing the bhakti of the rishi’s and humans towards their god, I was testing whether they were my true bhakt’s as they could call me for help by praying to me, I wanted to see what they will do and when I saw, I was totally amazed.
There the demons tie rishi’s and kill some and make them their food, they make other rishi’s work for them. Later, they throw all rishi’s into a pit. All rishi’s cry for help and scream in pain, they say prabhu please save us. The main rishi gets up and says I have understood now! Other rishi’s say what? The rishi says we shall pray to our prabhu and mata, these many years we have been doing yagya’s and prayers and nothing happened to us, even now we should do what we do everyday and then we will be protected. Some rishi’s say but we don’t have anything to light the fire of the yagya and we don’t even have any ingredients to offer for the yagya. Rishi says we will do yagya by humans! The rishi sits and everyone sit around him, rishi digs a small hole in the ground and makes it the center of the yagya kund! He and all rishi’s start praying to god.
Mata kali says to ganesh, I was amazed to see this bhakti to the rishi’s and humans, the prayers of the rishi’s and everyone in stress on earth then reached the gods. Indra dev says yes, that time I was praying to mata adi-shakti! And the prayers reached to all us gods! In flashback, indra dev is praying and he then sees a portal where he sees daruk on earth and his demons torturing people and rishi’s everywhere and killing them. Indra dev gathers all gods and say we have to fight this adharma and punish that demon for what he has done against the rules set by prabhu and mata! Indra dev and all gods sit on their animal’s and head to earth.
Daruk and daruka are sitting seeing rishi’s and people tortured. Suddenly a huge light is coming towards earth and daruka say what is that bright light coming on earth? All demons see and then some demons say maharaj, the gods are coming to fight us. Daruka laughs and says gods? Indra dev and all gods come on their animals and indra dev sees daruk and his soldiers torturing rishi’s and people. Indra dev and all gods get angry and they land on ground. Indra dev says you evil demon, how dare you come on earth and try to disrupt the rules? How dare you torture innocent people and rishi’s? you shall be punished for your sins. Daruk says I should be asking you how dare you come on my earth and try to question me? Indra dev thinks angrily, his earth? This demon will be punished.

Precap: all gods use their powers and attack on the demon soldiers, daruk and daruka but suddenly mata Shakti appears and her shield protects everyone and daruka! Indra dev says these demons are being protected by mata Shakti, what to do now?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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