Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Adishakti prays to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with durgamasura and his demons with their entire army against ganesh, shesh naag and kartikeya and the gods, and their entire army. durgamasura sees the god army and tries to find devi adishakti, he sees adishakti’s form standing in between to fight the battle. Durgamasura notices the arny properly. Ganesh says durgmasura, you have one chance to stand down and surrender, ask for forgiveness for whatever sins you have done, I shall spare your life. Durgamasura laughs and says kid, don’t underestimate my powers, if you don’t know I have finished the 53 crore sacrifice, and I am all powerful now. ganesh says okay durgamasura, if you want to fight mata adishakti, you have to wait till dawn tomorrow and then the fight shall begin! Durgamasura says ganesh, I shall accept your

terms. The demon armies go following durgamasura and ganesh goes back with the gods.
Mata adishakti is in her palace with mahadev’s shiv ling. All the goddesses and forms of adishakti are present. Mata adishakti starts doing the Pooja of mahadev and first pours milk and sprays flowers on the shiv ling.
At night, durgamasura is with his demon commander. One commander says maharaj, you shouldn’t have agreed to ganesh’s deal about fighting tomorrow at dawn this way we are at loss. Another demon says yes, we are powerful and you can kill adishakti and everyone there, we could have defeated their army today. Durgamasura says don’t panic demons, ganesh is not having an upper hand, rather I have! Durgamasura says I noticed that this was a plan made by the gods, they were fooling us. adishakti was not present there and even the entire god army was not there, only ganesh kartikeya and the gods were there. this was a maya done by the gods, they were not really going to fight us today, but now I know that. so where is adishakti now? I have to know that. durgamasura tells hi demons to send some demons to find where adishakti is.
Adishakti is doing the Pooja of shiv ling. As she prays and does Pooja, mahadev’s face appears in the shiv ling and everyone do pranam to mahadev.
Durgamasura’s demons tell durgamasura that adishakti is in her palace in Kailash and is doing the Pooja of mahadev’s shiv ling before this war. Durgamasura says then adishakti has to be killed, a demon says I have a solution to adishakti’s killing. The demon says when adishakti is praying and doing the Pooja of mahadev, she cannot use her weapons which means we have that advantage to kill her when she prays to mahadev. Durgamasura says then I shall use my powers and attack adishakti while she does Pooja of shiv ling, she cannot fight when she does the Pooja.

Precap: ganesh goes with kartikeya to protect mata adishakti while durgamasura plans to attack adishakti while she prays.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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