Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh saves Devraj

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devraj indra shouting n asking airaavat to make the aghori move from the way. Kartikeya says that now it’s enough. I’ll go n tell indradev, in his anger he is doing a very big mistake by harming n insulting aghori(mahadev) thinking him to be a common man. Parvati says stop son katikeys, don’t go, let mahadev handle this as he is taking devraj’s exam. Airaavat is about to stamp aghori on but due to his devotion n faith in mahadev he realizes that it’s mahadev n takes his feet back with a tear dropping from his eyes for the mistake he was going to make. Mahadev in disguise of aghori smiles. Brahmadev, vishnudev, parvati, Lakshmi, saraswati, kartikeya and ganesh all think that airaavat even after being indradev’s servant he realized who the aghori is and prevents indradev from making this big mistake. Indradev gets more furious as airaavat didn’t follow his command of crushing the aghori under his feet, he says that now I’ll punish u. Aghori says that you should not punish the innocent when it’s your mistake. Devraj says you are right it’s not airaavat’s mistake, it is your mistake so now I will punish you. He says ill words to aghori. He takes his Shastra to punish airaavat but aghori gets up n takes his Shastra and pushes him. Devraj falls down, he thinks that how come this aghori made me fall down and how come he is so powerful. He gets more furious. Brihaspati thinks that this aghori looks very divine and thinks that indradev shouldn’t do any such thing in anger and tries to stop him but in vain. Indradev gets angry when aghori gives him speech on not being egoistic and showing so much attitude being a god. Indradev says enough you aghori, I don’t listen to anyone’s speech and I’ll ask mahadev to not let any such aghori enter Kailash. Aghori says that rather I’ll ask mahadev to ask to make you know some manners. Devraj gets angry and says now I’ll show you who is indradev and removes his Vajra to punish aghori. Brahmadev, vishnudev, parvati, Lakshmi, saraswati, kartikeya and ganesh get worried and say that indradev has now crossed all limits in his anger. Aghori being in disguise of mahadev thinks that now I have to show him my real avatar. Mahadev shows him his real avatar. Seeing that indradev gets shocked and gets scared.
Mahadev says that being a Devraj you are showing so much of attitude and ego to normal people, you are having way for only ego in your heart which is wrong. Mahadev says that being devraj you should have sympathy and politeness in yourself, and should help people. Airvat even after being an animal realized that I am mahadev due to his faith and devotion in me, that is why a tear fell from his eyes and he didn’t follow your command. But you being devraj couldn’t understand this in your anger and ego, and the world doesn’t need such a devraj like u full of attitude n ego so you have to get erased. Brihaspati thinks that now a disaster will happen. Indradev apologizes to mahadev and says forgive me. In anger Mahadev’s third eye opens and says that now I will punish you devraj. Devraj gets scared. Brahma dev n Vishnu say that now no one can stop mahadev’s anger. Ganesh says to parvati that devraj did mistake but he shouldn’t get such a big punishment and only she can stop mahadev’s anger. Parvati says that I cannot interrupt mahadev’s decision of punishing. Ganesh says to kartikeya that now we only need to save devraj indra. Devraj is running from the fire ball anger of mahadev. He falls down getting tired. The fire ball is about to touch him but ganesh saves devraj in time by carrying him from ground with his trunk n chasing the fireball anger on mushak raj. Kartikeya comes and pleads to mahadev to not to punish devraj. Brahma n Vishnu also ask him to forget his anger. Mahadev refuses and asks them to go from there. Kartikeya goes to parvati and says that please stop mahadev as his anger is destroying the nature and even ganesh’s life is in danger as he is helping devraj chase the fire ball. Parvati gets thinking.

Precap: Rishi Aguste is meditating and has taken water in a utensil. Ganesh becomes a crow and goes

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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