Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Prabhu in disguise helps Madhav for building a hut.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Madhav begins to dig mud from the land for building a hut for him & Prabhu Shri Krishna moves towards him but Balbhadra asks him why are you going to him when he isn’t valuing you but Prabhu tells him that his heart isn’t stable hence he needs me there to control his anger on me.
Devi Laxmi also stops asking Prabhu that what are you upto & he tells her to his devotee for helping him to build house for him & she asks him will you able to help him in building house & he tells her what’s hard in building a house & he leaves.
Madhav isn’t able to dig the mud properly facing difficulty of big rocks on it while Prabhu is moving towards him but Madhav again tries & this time his tool falls down from his hands by which he is about to fall on the point of the tool but somebody holds his hands from stopping him to fall getting injured & he feels it might be his Prabhu hence he takes his Prabhu’s name but actually Prabhu in disguise helped him.
Madhav asks him who are you came like a God to help me & he tells him that I was passing from here hence saw & thought to help you. He asks Madhav that what are you doing & he tells him that he is building a hut here to stay while the person tells him that I’ll also help you in your work which you might won’t be able to do alone hence Madhav allows him to help.
Madhav & the person begin digging the mud for building hut while communicating with each other & Madhav sometimes call him as friend & sometime as brother while Balbhadar watching gets annoyed him saying that he is thinking Prabhu is a simple person who is working for him so disrespecting him taking whatever name he feels but Subhadra calms him.
Prabhu & Madhav build a hut in whole day while Madhav appreciates him for making this happen in a single day which wasn’t possible but Prabhu Jagannath didn’t helped him while Balbhadra also gets annoyed on him again for insulting Prabhu.
Prabhu hears bell rung of temple for food while Madhav tells him that you must be feeling tired hence to go & have food but Prabhu tells Madhav also to have food but he tells him that there isn’t any tree here or I would had plucked some fruits to eat together but Prabhu realizes his oath of not eating hence gets Bhog of temple & insists Madhav for eating together.
Madhav & Prabhu finally complete all the work of hut & appreciates Prabhu for helping in it holding his hands around Prabhu but after watching this Balbhadra gets angry & goes to teach Madhav a lesson but Prabhu Shri Krishna stops him from creating any trouble. Balbhadra converts himself in disguise as a brother of Prabhu who introduces to Madhav as his brother Balarama & Madhav appreciates Prabhu’s brother who had narrated him the story of Prabhu Jagannath.
Madhav asks Balarama how the hut is but he tells him that it’s incomplete without a wife but Madhav remembers about his wife telling both of them that I had wife & is devoted to her for lifetime due to whom he is here to visit Prabhu Jagannath’s temple while Prabhu tells him that to complete this my wife will help you & Devi Laxmi arrives saying that I had told you it’s incomplete without a woman.
Madhav also appreciates her who had narrated stories related to Prabhu Jagannath’s miracles & she too appreciates his devotion towards Prabhu.

Precap: Shri Krishna tells Madhav to do Pooja of this hut with all rituals as per wife’s wish. Madhav decides to call a Brahman & he searches in the temple while an old aged Brahman advises him of a young Brahman who is able to do his hut’s Pooja with all rituals. Madhav sees him & thinks who might he be?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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