Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Swarglok is captured by Narkasoor.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Narkasoor is instigating Gods with his weird words while Devraj Indra warns him that he’ll be destroyed for trying to abuse them but he says his miraculous ropes are only enough to clutch all of them & he shows his example with Storm God.

Alimghty Gods along with Vishwakarma & Guru Vidhaspati have gathered to select time for Ganesh’s marriage but eagerly waiting for other Gods to arrive from Swarglok while they are tackling Narkasoor but Storm God arrives flying to inform everybody that he has attacked Swarglok while all of them are shocked to see him but Ganesh asks him who has attacked & he takes half the name as Narka & is clutched by Narkasoor with his rope. Ganesh asks what name was Storm God taking & who clutched him so Vishwakarma says he is the the weird evil Narkasoor who has attacked.

Narkasoor again & again instigates Devraj Indra along with other Gods showing his example of converting Storm God into Goat & Indra finally gives him ultimatum that he won’t leave him now & attacks with his weapon but Narkasoor guards himself with his powers achieved from his Mata while all other Gods too attack him but they too fail in overcoming his powers & he converts all of them into various animals making them stone along with capturing chair of Swarglok.

Ganesh is asking everybody who this Narkasoor is & what kind of powers he has & Mata Paravati tells him he has achieved such kind of powers due to which Gods will be unable to tackle him & Brahmadev also explains him in details about Narkasoor’s pure devotion towards that Mata who has blessed him with all those powers hence Ganesh asks which Mata so Brahmadev says it’s Mata Kamakshya Devi to whom Narkasoor is completely devoted. Narkasoor in shown in background praying Mata due to which he achieves those powers from her & he prays her to always support him.

Ganesh asks why Mata blessed such a Devil Asoor who is creating havoc & Prabhu Mahadev tells him he is actually Prabhu Narayan’s devotee’s son while Prabhu Narayan signals Mata Laxmi about it. Ganesh says Prabhu Narayan’s devotee can’t be such an evil.

Brahmadev again explains Ganesh about the devotee Hiranyaksh who due to his deep devotion achieved boon from Brahmadev & began creating terror by clutching Bhudevi whom he kept in a dark place while all Gods pleaded Brahmadev to help them save Bhudevi & Brahmadev suggested in this Prabhu Narayan only can help her. Bhudevi goes to ask help from Prabhu Naraayan to save her.

Precap: Prabhu advises Brahmadev to send avatar in form of Chetak to destroy Hiranyaksh. Brahmadev brings the avatar in existence with his powers who goes to attack Hiranyaksh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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