Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Ravan gets killed by shri ram & hanuman

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shri ram is attacking ravan while he is saving himself & as ravan’s heads are getting cut then bhandasoor is thinking now ravan’s end is near but he is thinking should I do what I had done previously of rashmiprabha but says now while his evils are instigating him to do that what is required. Ganesh understands this & thinks he can trouble rashmiprabha. Bhandasoor’s evils are forcing him to sacrifice your daughter to win this war or you will get finished & he is confused what to do. Ravan saves himself from ram’s arrow saying you can’t kill me as how much you cut my heads I will produce more. Shri ram is also seeing him surprisingly.
Bhandasoor is looking towards his daughter while rashmiprabha is getting scared & ganesh says to call me rashmiprabha before he does anything to you as she is slowly moving far away from him.
Ravan instigates ram saying you shoot arrows & I’ll get saved. Ganesh says the arrow should hit ravan’s stomach mounth then he can get killed & for this hanuman’s help is needed but he is busy with the huge evil fighting.
Bhandasoor is saying towards his daughter without your end I can’t win while rashmiprabha says why are saying this way & don’t you love your daughter while he says I can’t fall pray towards you. Ganesh is saying if bhandasoor kills her daughter then ravan will win & I have to stop this immediately so I need to stop hanuman & call him for help. Ganesh calls hanuman by taking name of prabhu shri ram & he stops to go near ram as feels is he in problems & he gets arrogant seeing evil ravan is still fighting with my prabhu shri ram then ganesh explains him so hanuman says I will help you but he kills the huge evil first & then he says to ram that now I won’t allow your arrow to go waste as ram sends his arrow towards ravan & hanuman sits on the arrow with his powers & moves towards stomach mouth & ravan gets shocked how come this is happening & hits ravan killing him instantly. Hanuman & all praise prabhu shri ram killing ravan. Bhandasoor becomes wild blaming his daughter & says if I sacrifice you then I will earn this weapon power again & will defeat that mata. Rashmiprabha is trying to convince him to not to do this & if I am not there then is it your rule is bigger so he says yes while ganesh says to call me fast or he will kill you. Rashmiprabha sees evils behind bhandasoor & feels confused who they are whom I never ever saw.
Ganesh reminds of his promise to rashmiprabha so stops himself moving towards her & says you have known about your father now so call me & move away from there. Rashmiprabha tells her father do what you wish so he lifts his weapon to kill her while she shouts for ganeshji & ganesh comes to stop him while he says my attack can’t fail while ganesh explains him & throws him away from his daughter telling him to stop now.
Kartik says why I am hearing such huge sound while hanuman tells mata that we are feeling some trouble so we are unable to move from here so she explains saying right as ganesh is now saving his devotee so kartik understands saying rashmiprabha?
Rashmiprabha hugs ganesh & says I knew you will come to save me & thanks him so ganesh says why I could not come as you are my devotee so I have to come but now you are happy while she says no I am not happy as how my father has become so heartless who is killing his own daughter. Bhandasoor gets up saying yes I wish to kill you to win & tries to attack from behind & ganesh understands so stops him telling him an evil like you is not worth to be alive & bhandasoor tries to attack while rashmiprabha trying to stop him but ganesh lifts him & throws him out of his palace.

Precap: Bhandasoor is thrown by ganesh & he gets up shouting I will kill all & mata moves on her lion rath saying to bhandasoor that you have lost this time to live your life now & gets ready with her arrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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