Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Prabhu Mahadev agrees Vishwakarma’s daughters marriage with Shri Ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganeshji tells both the girls Ridhi & Sidhi to take blessings from that ultimate person who is Para-Brahma & they move ahead but Vishwakarma feels if both of them are accepting their mistake while both of them bend down to take blessings from Ganeshji & he gives them blessings of happy married life hence they both ask him if he is contended with their test & accept them but Mushak says where has he still accepted their proposal but they say Ganeshji already gave them blessings of happy married life & their husband is ultimately him itself & Ganesh falls in confusion while all of them praise their smartness. Ganesh asks them there is one more problem that who will be marrying with him & they are confused including Vishwakarma but Mata Paravati tells him not any one of them but he is getting married with both of them hence Prabhu Mahadev also tells him he is aware about destiny which is written in earlier incidence & Ganesh remembers about the incidence where a women had cursed he has to marry two women in his life in future.

Vishwakarma asks Prabhu Mahadev about his acceptance & he gladly accepts his daughters for Ganesh’s marriage with them. Ridhi & Sidhi take blessings from Prabhu Mahadev, Mata Paravati along with Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma expresses his wish from Prabhu Mahadev to gift Shagun to Ganesh & he allows him hence small celebration takes place of exchanging gifts to each other.

Mata Paravati hears somebody dancing weirdly saying what kind of trouble this might be on this auspicious day while somebody is dancing creating storm & Swarglok is feeling some trouble arriving. The dance performed was none other than Narkasoor in front of Mata’s idol who takes oath to destroy Gods & capture Swarglok.

Devraj Indra says this kind of trouble can only be handled by Vishwakarma due to his ability to build security guard & alerts all Gods to be ready while Vishwakarma takes permission from Prabhu Mahadev to leave for doing arrangements to take out the perfect time from Guru Vidhaspati but Prabhu Mahadev intimates him to invite all Gods along with Guru because it isn’t a simple person’s time to be selected for marriage & Mata Paravati is confused about her intuition while Ganesh wonders what can it be due to which Mata is confused.

Vishwakarma along with his daughters take leave from Prabhu Mahadev, Mata Paravati & Shri Ganeshji while Devraj Indra wonders saying why Vishwakarma is still not here when required but happily away from here & Vishwakarma comes telling all of them that his happiness actually is doubled because Prabhu Mahadev has accepted his daughters to become wife of Shri Ganesh hence all are invited for the ceremony & Devraj Indra expresses his happiness of hearing this news & congratulates him but says here this place in trouble so were waiting for him while Vishwakarma pleads forgiveness from Indra asking him he was unaware due to his happiness but what’s the problem & Indra tells him about Narkasoor who is trying to capture this Swarglok so to build security guard over this palace of Swarglok.

Ganeshji asks Mata Paravati about the curse in which he is confused but Mata tells him his marriage with Ridhi & Sidhi is ultimately his destiny which can be explained to him only by Mahaganadhipati.

Vishwakarma builds a security guard around Swarglok which impresses Indra saying now no Asoor can attack on this guard built by him. Devraj indra permits Vishwakarma to leave for arrangements to do for his daughters marriage while they all will tackle this Narkasoor & join him.

Narkasoor comes ahead while Devraj Indra stops him saying he will be unable to attack them but he says they all will bend down in front of him very easily & Indra asks what kind of confidence he has that he can overcome Swarglok’s powers but Narkasoor says they will realize when he attacks.

Ganeshji sits praying Mahaganadhipati to come for his help while Mahaganadhipati comes along with two women besides him & Ganeshji is surprised watching so Mahaganadhipati explains him why he is surprised when Ridhi & Sidhi are ultimately his destiny who will be his wife who completes him because Ridhi is power & Sidhi to control that power hence it makes Ganeshji complete with them & he understands his point but keeps thinking about marriage.

Precap: Mata Paravati tells Shri Ganesh that the boon received by Narkassor is difficult for Gods to secure them from his attack. Narkasoor clutches all Gods saying now this Swarglok is in his custody & laughs while Shri Ganesh says he has to be there to save Gods it seems & Mata agrees with him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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